Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Reconsidering Kansas Hot Mess

From our pals in Citizen Media, an alternative perspective on the Sunflower State that offers a bit more insight and history rather than just Dead Tree Media complaining about the guy who was recently voted the most unpopular Gov. in the nation . . . A Brief History of How Kansas Republicans Destroyed Their State


Anonymous said...

More libtard bullshit. Browback with serve his term. He is not running again so what is the purpose of all this pissing and moaning? When the election comes you libtards can go out and find another granny Nancy to run and city dwellers can go back to their faux Utopia with Dorothy and Toto. The price of Kansas products will rise across the nation for everyone except the food stamp moochers and the worlds problems will be solved.

Anonymous said...

driving around johnson county and it seems in pretty good shape to me...just sayin