Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pitch Hypes Kansas City Louie C.K. Show

One post a day from this struggling alt. weekly, on the bright side, this is a funny one: Louis C.K. doesn't really hate Kansas City ... anymore


Super Dave said...

I don't care for CK in any way and don't as a rule find him funny but any person who claims to be a comedian who is worth their salt is going to make fun of Kansas City. The sad part of it is as a rule the city never fails to serve up lots for those who don't live here to make fun of us with.

Anonymous said...

I saw him on Celebrity Jeopardy the other day, & he didn't mention Kansas City. Is that good, or bad?

Anonymous said...

Whats the PITCH ?????????

I know what it used to be 10 -15 years ago, but, I have no idea what that thing is now !!

was kinda a cool paper with some decent investigative artivles exposing kc politico's ,, but lately its become ass wipin' paper it appears along with their Disastrous web site too !!!

Hyperblogal said...

One reason I didn't like the Opinion Page of the STAR moved to the Pitch. The only reason I read the Pitch moved to the STAR. It's very confusing.