Thursday, June 23, 2016

One More Look @ Kansas City Westside Victory Against Gentrification TIF

Stellar community reporting from The Northeast News in write-up of a recent "blight" fight that's really about tax breaks. Take a look: West Side comes out in droves against apartment development


Anonymous said...

Nice turnout. This will be interesting to see if Sly and the council give a crap about what residents concerns.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Sly and the council just let the free market decide, and the Westside will get a dense infill development with no parking garage. People who complain about "traffic" should just be ignored. Traffic is what streets are for.

Anonymous said...

The city needs to start allocating all resources based on population. Plowing, street maintenance, bus service, fire stations, PD response, sewer and water repairs, community centers, etc.

If you don't want anyone to live in your neighborhood, you need to pay for your own shit.