Friday, June 24, 2016

Old And Busted Streets Cost Kansas City Half Mil After Tragic Northland Skateboarder Death

KCMO's lack of attention to basic infrastructure will cost big time. Here's the latest payout that proves even across the bridge City Hall has its priorities screwed up: KC proposes to settle lawsuit over fatal skateboard accident


Anonymous said...

Democrat greedy weasel trial lawyers scamming the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

so.. a black and a mexican mothers let their 6 and 8 yr old welfare babies skateboard unsupervised into a busy street--

when they get whacked - they hire a jew lawyer to make taxpayers cough up a half-mil.

good ol' Democrats

Anonymous said...

Plenty of repub lawyers do the same.

Anonymous said...

Lay of the land, adapt or ...?

Crazy Clown said...

Badd Streets ????

Can't imagine why ?????

TOY TRAIN - TOY TRAIN - TOY TRAIN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

27 Million TAX DOLLARS for 18th Vine Hoodrat District

along with the $100 Million Tax Dollars spent on it in the 1990's

Badd streets, Badd Water system - can't imagine why ????????

Anonymous said...

^^Read the article, you dumbfuck.

When you build neighborhoods exclusively for cars, they are unsafe for actual people.

The Northland is filled with places that are specifically designed for no one, including children, to be able to walk. Entitled suburbanites made the bed, but don't think they should have to lie in it.

Anonymous said...

8:50 Rollin' gun battles killing 4 yr. olds and others, drive-bys with bullets into kids' homes and while walking to the store, and eluding crims crashing into cars and homes...YEP...not like any urban streets ARE UNSAFE FOR ACTUAL PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

Midtown sidewalks are real safe, too, especially at night, where the streetlights are brightest.

Anonymous said...

Are you suffering from...

persistent feelings of victim hood?

chronic inability to understand resource management and simple economics?

confusion about cause and effect relationships in everyday life?

poor understanding of government and civics?

compulsively spouting your uninformed blather on racist website for other whiny man children to gain acceptance?

You may be suffering from NES, Northland Entitlement Syndrome.

Unfortunately, there is no cure, only treatment of your symptoms. Ask you realtor if moving to Chillicothe might be for you.