Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More Domestic Drama Contributes To Rising Count Of Kansas City Homicide And Violence

Overlooked this one somehow but it's an important statistical note about more crime in Kansas City and something to consider during all the wedding season hype. Take a peek: SVU takes note of rise in domestic violence cases


Anonymous said...

Crime is crime. KCPD should stop trying to minimize it. As if it's normal or acceptable for people you have personal relationships to kill or stalk you. Labeling something as domestic violence means it's excusable? What point are they trying to make here?

Anonymous said...

'Special Victim' laws--and the millions that get thrown at them--are worse thana joke.

First, the laws are a slap in the face of a cornerstone of American Jurisprudence: Equal Protection Under The Law.

Second, the Units themselves often staffed by Crusaders who couldn't have an objective view if their lives depended on it.

Third, they are a wast of resources that could be directed at all crimes, not just 'special' ones.

Fourth, they accomplish nothing at an exorbitant expense. Stanley still knocks the shot out of Stella when she winks at a construction worker. Stella still won't prosecute. Stella still moves back in with the asshole when her lip heals up. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Yank these primdadonnas out of their sheltered workshops and put them back on the street.