Friday, June 24, 2016

Lucy And The Kansas City Link Pool

Lucy Pinder remains the most important thing about Great Britain as far was we're concerned and closer to home, here are some of the most important MSM news stories . . .

Kansas City Hit & Run Aftermath
Police searching for driver who fled traffic stop, collided with vehicle then ran from scene
Building Up KCK Po-Po
New KCK South Patrol Division To Be Built In Argentine
Meth Town Mean Message Stays Losing
Independence man accused of sending threatening text to judge
Suspected Creeper Floats To Surface
Man accused of exposing himself to child at Oceans of Fun
Lesson In Sunflower State Fail
Kansas legislators struggle with passing school funding plan
Show-Me Road Tech
Missouri is installing solar power grabbing pavement on Route 66
Kansas City Outdoor Sofas For Hobos
Matthew Elsom and Garth Britzman: Superfurniture
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The homeless people that live in the park are going to to terrible things on that art.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sweet mother of god. Is there no end to the devolution of "art"?

Anonymous said...

"Missouri is installing solar power grabbing pavement on Route 66"

Electrical power from this project is expected to power almost 5000 gay, glory holed, porta potties located in roadside parks throughout the state and three vibrators for use by lesbian Miss America contestants.

This is a joint effort between the Obama administrations national highway commission and the State's Rainblow organization..