Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lana And The Kansas City Links Tonight

Lana Kendrick hotness inspires this evening glimpse at all the important Kansas City links for right now, let's take a peek:

More Entertainment District Schemes
KC Business Journal on Twitter
Golden Ghetto School Cash Plan
Johnson County schools float education funding fix proposal
Kangaroo Hopes And Dreams
UMKC downtown arts campus dollars up for vote by university curators
The Border War Hurts Both Ways
Overland Park company moves to Missouri, slams Kansas policies
Tiger Pranker Earns Wrist Slap
Man who posted threats during Mizzou protests gets probation
Rock Chalk Road Trip To Work
In Kansas, You May Have To Commute For High Wages
Show-Me Pandemic Spreads Slowly
Seventh Missouri traveler infected with Zika virus
Meth Town Dad Takes A Hit
Kids left in hot car start fire with cigarette lighter; father charged
Urban Core Against Foodie Violence
Northeast Kansas City residents rally for restaurant
Helping Hobos Get A Drink In Kansas City
Group delivers water, sports drink to homeless during extreme heat
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Bob said...

So sorry to hear about Rambo's. Great hamburgers.

Anonymous said...

The chick is hideous. Imagine what she looks like with all the makeup chiseled off.

Anonymous said...

Kansas should change it's motto to the "You Can't Even Pay Me to Stay Here" state.

JimBrodi said...

Pretty sure that without all the makeup her tittays are still huge. #priorities.

Anonymous said...

Straights are sick perverts, always shoving their perversions in our faces.

Anonymous said...

and you gobble it right up, dont you? because you're lg(B)Ttq sick as a mug