Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lacey Banghard & The Kansas City Link Blast

Curvy Brit hottie Lacey Banghard and her latest bit of newsworthy bodysuit hotness helps us celebrate the warm weather, reminds us to stay fashionable and adorns this bit of Kansas City info compiled for the reading pleasure of our blog community Checkit:

Naming The Dead In Kansas City
Body found near Central Bank Monday identified
Help Track Suspected Killer Truck
Police hope public can help find vehicle linked to KCK homicide
Meth Town Tech Crime Warning
Stranger danger Facebook post from Independence, Missouri going viral
Sleaze Summit Suspect Screen Capture
In Lee's Summit, 2 women wanted for questioning about forged checks belonging to assisted living center resident
City Hall Supports Great Cause
KC Council raises funds for tiny house for homeless veterans
Kansas City Cool Drink Relocation
Snow & Co. shutting down Crossroads location in late September, reopening in Westport
Brief Kansas City Charity Interlude
9 Can Help: 'Show you care donate underwear'
$100 MILLION Dollar Movie In The Making
New documentary seeks to tell the 18th and Vine story beyond jazz music
Today's Tech Meeting
Gallery: The Kansas City Developers Conference
Fanboys Say Farewell
Omar Infante becomes unrestricted free agent, Royals say
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Free association word play with Lacey Banghard:

Black, sack, rack, smack, back, crack !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Taco was not here legally.

Anonymous said...

"$100 MILLION Dollar Movie In The Making"

Talk about some major bullshit. Not even a stupid coon is going to spend 100 million making a documentary about 18th and Vine. Some one is on fucking crack trying to blow that price tag up everyone's ass. The only shit heels that wold waste that kind of money promoting that dilapidated coon hole is city hall.

Anonymous said...

Damn, these Brit chicks got some titties that make my pants want to brexit

Anonymous said...

10:02 FTW!!!