Thursday, June 16, 2016

KCK Mayor Holland Starts Ruckus Tonight!!!

Tonight's return to the Kansas City discourse for the longstanding GOLD STANDARD political chat show offers a great many topics to consider.

Here's a rundown from the show in order to further discussion:

Governor calls special session to address unconstitutional school funding

The governor has called the legislature into a special session to deal with the State Supreme Court's order to equalize school funding. Failure to comply will, presumably, result in all Kansas K-12 public schools being closed on June 30th. At issue, according to the Kansas Attorney General, is about $40 million in a $4 billion budget. Is the school finance fight over principle, politics, both, or neither?

Competing transit plans seek to move forward streetcar expansion

On the heels of the streetcar's premiere, two new transit plans have surfaced. One is from Clay Chastain calling for a $2 billion light-rail plan. The other comes from the Regional Transit Alliance and seeks an extension of the streetcar line from Union Station to the Plaza and UMKC. The Chastain plan would be funded by a sales tax increase for 25 years; the Transit Alliance plan by a Transportation Development District, the approach taken for the starter line. Are you ready to see either or both of these plans moving forward?

Trump candidacy gives rise to supporters in name only

A new term is surfacing in political parlance---SINO, supporter in name only. It's being applied to Republicans who say they support Donald Trump's presidential bid, but refuse to defend his public policy positions. There's fear the Trump candidacy will have a toxic effect on Republicans running for state and federal offices. One writer says the best thing Republican candidates can do is "put a bag over your head" for the next five months. Is this good advice for Repulicans?

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Notice a common theme here, a lot of people are trying to count out Trump before the general election even gets started.

Not smart.

Trump has proven he has the ability to surprise people and this eleciton shouldn't be any different.

Anonymous said...

The Lyin' Regional Transit Alliance

Anonymous said...

Who's on it this week?

Anonymous said...

Shannon is so dumb he think the development in western WyCo, a taxpayer funded boondoggle that costs not only KCK taxpayers, but taxpayers from the entire state of Kansas untold hundreds of millions, while inner KCK rots further and further west.

Shill Me Institute should "hire" him for spin/propaganda/puff pieces.

JimBrodi said...

Disagree. SHan in is a great host and he errors on the side of being too accommodating to his liberal friends. But it us public TV after all.

Anonymous said...

I see the libtards are getting high on their own bullshit again.

Anonymous said...

Yes ^^^^^^

Actually, 70% love Donald Trump! The polls are a press conspiracy.

I need more foil for my cap.

And, winners come to TKC to post comments.

Anonymous said...

Folks forget that national polls don't matter at this point. It's all state-by-state and it's the swing states that are most important.

Even though the media has been on a non-stop Trump bash for weeks, he's still within the margin of error or ahead in PA, VA, OH, and FL.

In the general D's win safe D states and R's win safe R states. The whole enchilada is in swing and leaning states.

So, my response to these newest national polls that have Clinton up 5-10 points is... So what? The most recent Virginia poll has Clinton up only 3 (within the margin of error) and Trump is winning Independents 42-29.

Trump has consistently been winning older voters and Independents in swing states which will be a tremendous advantage in November.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see Woody and Steve Rose on together. Woody had some especially astute observations. However, I did disagree with him that Trump was damaging the party. Steve was hit or miss on his commentary. He is predicting a Clinton landslide which I think is way off base.

Where do I start with the other two? *Sigh*

Mary continued her habit of talking way too long and over others. Mike had to make comments to stop her a couple of times. Her comments are so predictable it would be exceedingly easy to have a guessing game in which the topics were presented and folks guessed what Mary would say. Classic liberal talking points all the way.

Theresa.... I cannot figure out why she keeps getting invited to be on the panel. Most of her answers lack any substance. Her one string of contributions that was something other than "well it could be this way or it could be that way" was on the streetcar topic. She still struggles with being articulate and, like Mary, talked at inappropriate times and over Mike who actually asked "can I moderate the panel?". She read and stumbled through her roast. One of the worst panelists they include on the show, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You sound in low spirit this time 2:38? Accurate astute...did the heat hit you hard as I? Looks like the panel has had some disagreements amongst themselves. They are not gelling. Garza is not clicking with audiences. No personality. Like staring at a blank wall. Her reflective words have echoed the halls and walls of most homes lost to static or the whir of the microwave. Bing. It's gone. Like a shadow at dusk.

Girl interrupts and is interrupted Mary. Say it. Longer louder and hell hath no furious anger when you don't eat a good breakfast.she knows those guys family that's her power. She can talk to wives. I missed you. Glad you are on point old chap.

Anonymous said...

Garza is just awful.

Anonymous said...

"And, winners come to TKC to post comments."

So, does the fact you have nothing better to do than post to TKC at 12:35 AM make you a winner? Or just a wiener?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask Mike Shanin about being a spokesman for Century Roofing?

Anonymous said...

As long as the beaner nailing the shingles has the Shannahan seal of approval how could it be wrong?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to FRAUDKUS!!!!!!!

The weekly Ruckus reviewer has nothing to add this week, other than to remind you of the last posting:

I have been repeatedly highlighting each week the glaring fact that Ruckus producers routinely and with few exceptions, assemble a panel of 3 Democrats and only 1 Republican or Libertarian to discuss the week's pre-selected topics with host Mike Shanin. While the casual or infrequent viewer may have never realized that they're being deliberately presented with a lopsided triple-time Democratic Party attempted indoctrination, those who recognize the panelists and their political persuasion will have noticed the massive discrepancy present.

Now dear reader, let's provide the math to accompany the Ruckus panelist record, gleaned from the KCPT website itself.
see here:

Of the 18 episodes, through May 19, no less than 14 featured a panel skewed 3-to-1 favoring Democrats (78 percent). Four episodes featured a balanced 2-to-2 panel (22 percent). And exactly ZERO episodes featured a Republican and/or Libertarian dominated panel (0 percent).'s plain as day that KCPT is operating NOT in the pursuit of fairness, but with purposeful bias and discrimination.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, it's hard to find Repblicans to be on TV, because most of them are busy stockpiling BIG, BLACK "guns" or littering the Internet with unhinged anonymous rants about shit they don't understand fully, or often at all. That's one of the dangers of creating an entire party based upon championing ignorance and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^I'm, not Republican, but your post seems a bit unhinged and anonymous, not to mention championing ignorance and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

10:38 comment, just earlier said:

"littering the Internet with unhinged anonymous rants about shit they don't understand fully"

10:38 successfully gave a self-description!


Anonymous said...

In truth, there are plenty of regularly appearing Republicans/Libertarians who could be booked if they wanted to have more 2 and 2 panels: Woody, Crosby, Ron, Patrick, Steve M. Annie, Steve R. (mod).

It's not an out of reach goal.

Anonymous said...

Then have the two sides really go at it. Shanin can handle all of them, hands down, would make for a jaunty fun filled evening of political satire, huge IQ's at war, no need for silver spoon suppositories, just wry wit and opinion. Each one brilliant and fiery. Oh what a night...