Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kansas City Strategic Planning Session Tweaks City Hall Talking Points

Local politicos worked to manage expectations today and engage in a polite talk about coping with fewer resources going forward . . . Interesting note . . . The new housing goal is “To sustain the city’s diverse housing stock, foster affordable housing, workforce housing, and sustainable developments, and revitalize aging neighborhoods.”

Read more: Mayor, City Council host strategic planning meeting at KCU


Crazy Clown said...

Those KCMO City Leaders are NOT capable nor intelligent enough to have & form a plan, they lack the intelligence , smarts & know how to do it effectively = FACT !!!

Anonymous said...

What did they have for snacks? Or did they have the full buffet ?

Anonymous said...

The City owns that building now...more taxpayer money spent.

Anonymous said...

Five year business plan:
1. Raise taxes
2. Subsidize more downtown development
3. Build new airport
4. Extend streetcar line
5. Lay off cops (except for those who issue tickets)
6. Underfund pensions.
7. Refinance bonds so debt is extended
8. Give more subsidies to the Star so good PR is maintained
9. Hire more firefighters and give raises
10.Lay off 911 dispatchers

Anonymous said...

The words Kansas City, strategic, and planning don't go together