Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kansas City Soccer Speakeasy?!?

An interesting local story from a member of our blog community that contradicts word of high tensions betwixt Euro soccer fans and American enthusiasts with the help of Kansas City's love for finding creative new foodie ways of skipping work . . .

Soccer Speakeasy?

Sitting at Charlie Hoopers discussing the European Soccer, my friend leaned over and said in a somewhat hushed tone, "Knock five times. Bam-bam-bam, pause, bam-bam."

I laughed at going to one of KC's finest restaurants and entering through the alley. But my friend was adamant. "It's like being in Europe watching. The handful of fans bring their flags, wear their jerseys and drink like it's a weekend tale-gate."

The games are played, live at 8AM, 11AM and 2PM every day. I couldn't believe that anyone would skip work to go to 1911 Main Street, Affare Restaurant for lunch and start pounding on their alley door.

Curiosity got the better of me and so I decided I'd investigate. The restaurant is no longer open during lunch. There was no noticeable activity going on anywhere inside, that I could see from the front. It was clear my friend was pulling my leg.

Regardless, I went to the alley door and rang the bell. Nothing.

I rang it again. Nothing.

And then I remembered the (ridiculous) knock and gave the required 5 wraps on the door. It swung open and I enter soccer heaven.

Brats, beer, booze and soccer. The high end restaurant has a (thankfully) rougher side. The only thing missing were the hooligans.

I never made it back to work. 24 flu, I think.


Anonymous said...

It worked !
Closed for lunch.. but this is LOBSTER MONTH... best deal in the city if you like Lobster.

Anonymous said...


Jordan has the golden touch when handling balls!!!!!