Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kansas City Peaceniks Protest Against Post-Orlando-Mass Shooting Blame Game

Some Midtown Kansas City progressive rhetoric wishes everybody would be nice. Here's the roundup of NPR listeners out in the wild before sundown . . . KC Unity Fest Urges Against Pointing Fingers After A Tragedy


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm good with it. If Mohammad the fag wants to kill his own it's none of my concern. Just don't go pointing fingers at th for something the fruits do inside their own community. second amendment.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad had more wives than you do.

An American killed 49 other Americans.

Does this count as finger pointing?

Anonymous said...

No it counts as stupid fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Well there are just a few more safe bathrooms and bakers in America. Who would have thought Obamy and the libtards were right on bringing in those Muslims. Hell we need to be giving them food stamps, section 8 and all the same benefits we give the ghetto apes.

J.W. said...

Quite the gathering. Apathy Fest 2016.

Anonymous said...

11:13 yes, Muhammeed the piece of lying crap he was fucked everything, boys, girls, cammals, goats, holes in the sand. I heard he even fucked his buddies shit covered hand, he was a real horn dog that animal.

Then we have this murdering kid whose Muuslim father came in to america and spent the childs whole life filling him with hatred for this country and hatred for himself. Probably gave him his first taste of dick as child abuse and gay rape is a way of life over in the foreign lands of Muslidick. Finally when he had enough loathing and self hate thanks to the 'religion of peace and love and female genital mutilation' he went to a gay nightclub and started killing himself through the bodies of 49 other, sinless people.

It's amazing how people will bitch and moan about America and it's rape culture and its racism and it's sexism and every other little thing that we've outlawed in this country and say they wish we were like so many other countries where ALL of these practices not only exist but our usually encouraged either by their shitty governments or there religions or both.

We need to outlaw this back birthed religion for the true self hating that it is. The core of it is the belief that this self hating homosexual Muhammed was the ideal leader to the path of rightesousness. Hiding your gayness behind a shitload of wives is just 8th century denial.

Just like John Smith and his Moomans.

Or the pope and his funny, pointed phallic hat.

There is NOTHING wrong with pointing your fingers at something that is wrong and demanding that it be stopped. You point out and stop child molesters. You point out and stop rapists. You point out and stop murderers.
CAIR and Muslims point out and whines about people that point out a belief system that loves to castigate, torture, maim, shame and KILL women and men who don't follow their idiotic religion. They cry out for Sharia law in every land their vagabond ass ends up in. Sharia law essentially just legalizes all the Maiming, Torture and Killing of anyone that doesn't follow the translation of islam the local imam posits as "truth". Follow the wrong imam, well your toast too.

The list of wrongs endorsed by the loving religion of Islam needs to stop OR the whole religion itself will need to be wiped off the face of the earth. I can't believe the UN put leaders from a country that stones women who are guilty of having been raped on the human rights council. Despicable.