Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kansas City Faith Community Remembers Another Deadly Mass Shooting Anniversary

Locals take a moment to remember another gunman who terrorized locals in a house of worship and murdered the innocent in cold blood. Here's one more local marking of tragedy today: Charleston church shooting victims remembered at KC service


Anonymous said...

He was just a white man proving their innate superiority.

His mental illness was manipulated by the lying, racial hatred he read online.

Anonymous said...

One wonders whether this would have been celebrated were it not for a regime struggling to find a mass shooting that wasn't committed by one of its Muslim allies.

Today we find that the 911 tapes in Orlando are being scrubbed by Obama's Muslim lackeys in the DOJ of any reference to Islam.

Are there mass shooters that aren't Muslims? Certainly, but the bulk of the ones we have to fear will come from the cgrowing number of Muslim colonists the bastard Obama has brought to this country.

Anonymous said...

I dont feel sorry for them. Prayer, Jesus...none of it matters. Who were they? Assumable assholes made out to be martyrs.

Anonymous said...

We were remembering this tonight, too.

In celebration.

Anonymous said...

The above two comments perfectly illustrate my point. The mentally ill are drawn to fantastic conspiracy theories, & unreasoning hatred.

Who were they? They were Americans killed by another American because of the color of their skin. Does that seem sane to you?

Anonymous said...

Make that the above three comments.