Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kansas City Bow Tie Threat Level

El Bryan offers an EXCEPTIONAL political comic this week in the latest edition of the Northeast News for those who have followed Mayor Sly's reactions toward Kansas City violence vs. his outrage at the high profile tragedy in Orlando. Take a look: retorts illustrated bryan stalder

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Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT commentary from Mr. Stalder!!!!!!!!!!!!

For an obese, pandering, narcissist who abandoned a gay son from his first marriage, and stood by while another son recorded a lengthy police record, Sylvester James knows that publicizing his own failure as Mayor will not attract the eye of those who could take him to Washington, D.C., where he DESPERATELY desires to land.

No, no, no! Much better to publicly rail against the 2nd Amendment, promote the Obama/Hillary "Homosexuals as Protected Class" agenda, and continue squandering millions of dollars on a redundant ToyTrain transportation system.