Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kansas City Blogging Against Christian Hate

The foremost faith writer in this town takes on enemies of the LGBT community in his latest blog post. Take a look: Preaching hate from Christian pulpits: 6-30-16


Anonymous said...

Always denouncing the few misguided Christians but ignores the hundreds of millions of Muslims who have the same beliefs about homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

7:32, totally agree, these aren't mainstream Christians. I wonder if Bill Tammeus has been to a Black Muslim service. Their dogma of racial superiority and hatred of whites and Jews makes the KKK look like Cub Scouts.

cml said...



Bob said...

Tammeus is a founder of the Church of Have A Nice Day. A little fire and brimstone will be good for him.

Anonymous said...


Bill Tammeus is GAY!!!!!!!!

Bill Tammeus is a self-righteous, arrogant, self-appointed Saint, who practices a "buffet-style Christianity" in that he picks and chooses which parts of the Bible to believe in.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Given that the Bible was written buffet-style and church doctrine was promulgated the same way, what's the problem?