Thursday, June 30, 2016


Crime across the bridge scares all the old lady white broads throughout the Kansas City metro for good reason. Checkit: Purse snatcher steals from great-grandmother at Northland Walmart in an instant


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when white trash listens to rap music.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ now that is comedy.

But he looks like a country music fan.

Anonymous said...

drug addict,cut n dry.

Anonymous said...

Guys hauling purses won't raise suspicions so readily because, you know, . . . trannies! Yep, there's the "Caitlyn" look, the "country boy" look and as of yesterday, the officially sanctioned "gender-bender G.I." look!!!

So, military medical benefits will now pay to surgically swap your "privates"!!!

Yep, the V.A. resources suddenly got generous, huh?
F. U. B. A. R. ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Guess what? He's White. That means a slap on the wrist and community service. He must be off his meds instead of being characterized as a deranged social path, he will be described as mentally ill and troubled. You bet he is!

Who did White people fight before oppressing people based on their race?

Other White people!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Lowlifes are something you can pinpoint."

That guy is nutz. If that was the case, half the cases divorce, lawsuits, and other matters could be wholly avoided. That just seems like a stereotypical response to a situation. Truth is, he thought the guy was White and he didn't believe he would be made a victim.

Anonymous said...

Deranged SOCIOPATHS are mentally ill and troubled. By definition. Back to freshman sociology for you! Psychology is too difficult. :)