Monday, June 27, 2016

Does Kansas City Aim4Peace Deserve Prize Money Amid Recent Murder Spike???

The homicide count is steadily trending upward and this group claims that it prevents murders. Here's a Q&A along with an open question . . . Do these so-called crime fighters deserve a cash award given the recent circumstances of this town. You decide: KC's Aim4Peace Program In The Running For $500,000 Prize


Anonymous said...

500,000 for the city with the highest murder rate.

Anonymous said...


Jeffrey McDonald said...

What a fuckin joke.

No doubt, they will get a plaque too.

"Plaques for blacks" just got more expensive.

I am still dead, in a Black on White hate Crime that Aim 4 Peace could give a shit about, because I was white.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You really can't make this stuff up!
At this rate it won't be long before these fake nonprofits are giving each other awards and cash as often as the gang at the Chamber of Commerce!
No results.
No accountability.
The gravy train never even slows down.

Anonymous said...

I got an idea. Let's audit them first and see where the money is going before we shell out any more. How about Aim4NoMoStealin' by black grifters.

Anonymous said...

RE: Does Kansas City Aim4Peace Deserve Prize Money Amid Recent Murder Spike???

After a drug-abusing, closeted homosexual, Muslim man was installed in the White House and won the Nobel Peace Prize......anything is possible!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable the non profits folks can dream up to score free money and beat taxes

Anonymous said...

OK - I'm gonna say this now and have a feeling there will more to come on this issue in the future.

IF a complete and through Audit was done on this AIM for peace group the last 5 years, we'd find out that much of that Money was never used for its intended purposes as it was intended !!

A Through AUDIT would expose just where & how the money was spent, and where and who it was allocated to and who oversees it !

and until the PUBLIC DEMANDS an proper through AUDIT from the Missouri state inspector Generals office and the Attorney General of Missouri as well os the Governors office, then this PUBLIC MONEY / TAX PAYER MONEY will continue to disappear repeatedly for Venues it was NOT intended for ~ !!!

Actually this is a travesty upon the people of KCMO whats taking place along with the Toy Train and the Absurd WATER Rate Hikes imposed by KCMO Mayor and his communist lib'tard bunch of Ba'Foons at city hall !!

As long as YOU people continue to sit on your butts and do nothing at City Hall meetings to shed light on this corrupt issue - it will continue until this city is broke and YOU Too !!!

Communists sole intent is to rob & steal from you until everything is in dire straights and despair !!!

They'll have all kinds of phony bogus excuses & rhetoric for their pathetic agenda too !!!