Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chastain Urges City Council To Put His Latest Kansas City Light Rail Petition On The Ballot

Mr. Chastain has been thwarted and reworded many times before in his light rail petition efforts, here's his latest message which hopes to bring his plan to voters again . . .

Clay Chastain: City clerk to present light rail petition to council for November ballot

Today, the city clerk will present to the council a valid light rail petition Kansas City voters have directed the council place before citywide voters in November.

We want to respectfully remind the council that they must place the light rail petition on the ballot as prescribed by law outlined in the city's charter. What the council thinks about the merits of the plan itself, is irrelevant. It is up to the voters, not the government, to decide the merits of a petition.

The Missouri Supreme Court recently ruled that valid KCMO petitions, such as this one, are constitutional and must be placed before voters (without delay) because the city's voter-approved charter mandates it.

Hence, we urge the council not to delay or attempt to block another petition vote as this will be viewed as an attempt to control the people, ignore the law approved by the people, and disrespect a direct democratic command from the people.

Clay Chastain...Kansas City Activist, electrical engineer, and leader of the people's light rail petition.

Developing . . . 


chuck said...

This guy is psychotic.

A Death Star Tractor Beam of need, insecurity and narcissism sucking us all into the vast, empty space that passes for his ego.

Jesus what a fuckin weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell, Clay!

Ignore, Chuck, the weirdo.

Anonymous said...

This petition reflects the will of the people. Like everything else in the world, it doesn't need Chuck's blessing.

Ollie Gray said...

Idée fixe. It is his fault we don't have light rail because all that civic energy got spent on this guy's fantasies. 20+ years of one man's bullshit.

Anonymous said...

If anything, Chastain is doing something creative, while all you good citizens simply indulge yourselves in a bitch fest and pass judgement while being virtually inert and brain dead.