Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bridgette & The Kansas City Late Night Look

The call pr0n hottie Bridgette B. the "Spanish Doll" and so I guess it kinda make sense that she's dressed up like a maid and inspires this late night link cleanup of all the Kansas City mainstream media news worth checking out . . . Take a peek:

String of armed robberies reported in KCMO
Drunken Hot Mess Data
Report details areas of KC with most drunken-driving arrests
Courthouse Accusation Peek
Charges filed in Jackson County homicide
Local Grocery Game
KC Council to vote on taxpayer support for Linwood Shopping Center
Fanboys Celebrate Winning Season
Royals rout Cleveland to sweep 3-game series
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Good thing Mayor James is worried about funding a shopping mall when we've got armed mobs robbing people around KCMo.


Anonymous said...

This is why I'm voting for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Salvie = the guy who stirres the drink for kc, without him ,were talking about nose-dive-crash n burn city ,for the royals...OH YA,he;s that good ,that important for the royals!!

a serious salvie injury= nose dive, crash n burn for the team..thats how clutch , how special the guy is..

he is .....DA MAN, PERIOD

Fuck clown sly said...

Armed rolling robberies, nice place you got here

Anonymous said...

^^^^ aint it though..any given minue this shit is going down in our place here..its nice
then you got honky lippz there,who apparently ,was not pleased with whatever the situation was at the time,so his best idea was to pop a cap in another dude..

it all makes perfectly good sence..btw- my grammar might be a tad fucked up,just in case some idiot wants to make an issue of it,but like i had to tell some fuck face,limbaugh ,loving DOOOOOSH BAG the other day , fuck yu.

im just a hardworking guy ,who has been around the horn wamore than once in my time ,and still it never ceases to amaze me,that is,if i actually give it a little thought , the way the retards of our society choose toohandle conflicts...i grow meaner and more jaded everyday, if i follow current events..i just can't handle the stupidity and ass clowns among us ,everyday in this city..were letting shitheels outta the clink everyday ,,for what?? just to make room for the dildos featured in tkc everyday!! i dont get it .i dont get these buttholes in society today and it pisses me fancy words or sentence structure worth shit, just a pissed off whie guy,trying to express how i feel ,thats all..this town and the world are fucked up ,and ya,i believe i am justified ,being a little confused and angry..i have daughters ,who are almoat grown and they have to make their way in this city, day to fuckin scared for them and more than a little pissed off..

aren't i terrible for this way? i know, i the one thats fucked up.

im sorry,

white guy,

Anonymous said...


BB sporting DD's
Attends the needs of my PP!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL!