Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Rather than doing anything in particular locally about a Kansas City Summer homicide spike . . . The Mayor of Kansas City is busy carrying out a bit of political theater and blame shifting in support of a gun grabber agenda that started last year in the New York Times and continues today: KC leaders say Missouri bill would 'invite more gun violence onto our streets'


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the three Stooges, James, Forte,, Baker, have ever considered enforcing the laws we already have. Putting violators away for maximum and keeping them there for maximum.
I've read JACO has the easiest Judges in the country.
Let's get real stooges!

Anonymous said...

You get popped by the feds on a gun crime you get five years. No ifs ands or time off for good behavior.

Most city courts, you are on the street with probation. Or less than a year.

Anonymous said...

When you have an incompetent police force led by an incompetent mayor you have to blame someone.

Anonymous said...

Contrast the "blame someone, anyone, else in this post with the following story about 911 calls being put on hold in KCMO.
Which is something Sly could actually try to do something about.
In fact, which he is RESPONSIBLE for doing something about.
Everything is just PR!

Crazy Clown said...

Typical Degenerate LIBERAL Lib'Tards for ya, Blaming anything & everything but themselves = FACT !!!

They reap what they Sow !!!

Lib'Tards are Clueless ignorant & stupid and everybody is waking up to see that FACT !!!

Crazy Clown said...


A Hood'Rat Thug Criminal recently pleaded guilty for Murdering & killing a 14 year old GIRL after shooting her several times dead !

Our Pathetic Disgusting Jackson County Prosectors Jean Peters Baker and Staff, cut a PLEA Deal so this THUG HOOD'RAT Murderer will ony get 15 years for that girls Murder which means he'll probably be out in 5 to 7 years or sooner !!

So the REAL Problem is NOT Guns its the Degenerate Low Life pathetic Sleaze Bag Bastards that are Criminal to begin with !!

The very ones that the LIBERAL LIB'TARDS are "Catering & Pandering" to for Votes from their Famalies !!!

The look in that Mothers eyes of her young Black Daughter who was Shot numerous times , She wants to know what happened to Justice ???

These LIBERAL LIB'TARDS and their pathetic Soft on Crime Phony Bullshit Agenda is just that Pathetic & outright fuckin Disgusting !!

The Lib'Tards "Encourage and Advocate" all this Soft on Crime towards Criminals, Thugs & Terrorists that Murder & Kill, the Hood Rat Gangsta's and illegals here in this country for the Drug Cartels man of them criminals & murderers themselves

and that's what the Liberal Democratic Base wants to "Cater & Pander" to for VOTES ????

Go look in the eyes & Face of that Mother who's Daughter was murdered and tell her that - see the response you get !!!!

or how about that young girl murdered shot killed by that illegal in San Francisco last fall, by an illegal who'd been Deported several times

or right here in Kansas City where that illegal who'd also been deported several times shot killed murdered 4 people

Guns aren't the problem, its the LIBERAL Mentality and attitude that's the real goddamn fuckin problem , the Ignorance & Stupidity behind their phony pathetic bogus bullshit Agenda !!!

If it wasn't a GUN, it'd be a Knife or Sword or a Vehicle

A Vehicle as seen last Fall in Las Vegas when that girl high on Dope ran her vehicle into a Crowd of people killing several of them and injuring countless others !

Wait till these Refugee Terrorists start using Car Bombs, whats SLY JAMES gonna do then, BAN ALL CARS too

These Knee Jerk Reactions by Degenerate thoughtless Liberals are the problem, because they don't want to deal with the real issue, they are incapable, don't know how and are un-intelligent to do so

so, lets BLAME something else to push a phony agenda !!

The Real issue is NOT weapons its the type of People these Degenerate LIBERAL LIB'TARDS want to let run around your communities, with out consequences for their crimes, that's the real damn issue !!!!

Anonymous said...

The officers on the street do their job . It's Chief Tweeter that needs to go.

Anonymous said...

We need sworn statements that these guys who want our guns, do not have any in their homes. Step up to the table and raise your right hand Mayor Sly.

Sly is a... said...

stupid nigger.