Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Alison And More Kansas City Links

Epic pr0n hottie Alison Tyler is six fee tall and tonight she tops one more look at Kansas City links tonight . . .

First KCMO Global Climate Change Sign Of This Horrible Season
MARC just issued an ORANGE OZONE ALERT for ...
Cash After Kansas City Tragedy
Woman awarded $2.5M after unborn son dies during medical emergency
Local Connection To Tragic Gunfire
Former Pulse employee from KC worked at club for years, knew more than 20 victims
Second Guessing From Timid Politicos
Cole County reverses decision, lowers flags for Orlando victims
Show-Me Gun Rights Discount
Missouri sheriff responds to Orlando shooting by waiving concealed carry fees
Rock Chalk Defiance Against Prez Obama
Kansas school board ignores transgender decree
Voter Crackdown Revisited
Thousands Of Kansans In Limbo Over Proof Of Citizenship Requirement
More Deets On Resolved Threat
Authorities investigate potential threat to metro Jewish community
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Thats not hot, wait.... thats what you wanted. Darn It.....

Anonymous said...

good for Bates county

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Where the rubber meets the rear!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Woman awarded $2.5M after unborn son dies during medical emergency"

Here is your equality for ya. If the woman had gone out and gotten an abortion, killing the unborn child, the father could not sue her at all. You libtards explain the righteousness of a fucked up system like that?

Bob said...

The Gaystapo vs. Cole County. The Gaystapo wins by a knockout.

There are protocols, in tradition as well as in federal law, as to when the United States flag is to be flown at half-staff. A massacre of gay clubbers, as horrible as it was, is not among them. On the other hand, the POTUS is authorized by law to proclaim that the flag shall be flown at half mast following any death(s) the he deems appropriate for the gesture. So can governors, for their states. Apparently neither President Obama nor Governor Nixon thought it was worthy, so no order to display the flag at half mast.

The Gaystapo, of course, is not going to blame a Democratic executive officer, any more than they will blame Muslim extremism. Folks, it's all a farce.

Anonymous said...

Well, abortion is the law of the land because women aren't just baby factories. Rocket science, I know.

a little shit from ass wouldn't hurt a thing said...

LOVE to fuck her in the ass WITHOUT a rubber!