Thursday, December 04, 2014

An Introduction To TKC

TKC is the leading blog community in Kansas City. We work consistently with top influencers throughout the metro and always welcome opportunities for collaboration.

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By way of introduction...

Greetings from the last remaining FREE SPEECH ZONE IN KANSAS CITY and the only blog in this town that really matters.

For nearly a decade Tony's Kansas City has dominated the local discourse, produced groundbreaking content and helped create a vibrant digital culture in a metropolitan area now known as "Silicon Prairie" by more than a few denizens of the Internets. TKC is a news source, aggregator and opinion maker covering politics, culture and all things Kansas City.

We have no shortage of detractors and fans alike but our BLOG COMMUNITY is one of the strongest collaborative endeavors in Kansas City. TKC has been cited by countless news sources and is not only VIEWED DAILY by tens of thousands of loyal readers but also serves as a vital information outlet for a great many local elected officials, business leaders, members of the legal profession and decision makers working in every facet of this community.

TKC is a creative endeavor, a forum and vital source of information for further reading and discussion.

Enjoy all of our online offerings as we continue our trend setting local bloggy adventures.