Thursday, September 04, 2014

One More Clay Chastain Video Message To Kansas City Mayor Sly James

TKC NOTE: Here's the latest message from Kansas City transit activist Clay Chastain regarding local Democracy and Mayor Sly's effort to railroad a citizen initiative petition. Check it:

Clay Chastain's message to Mayor Sly James.

The Sly James led city council refuses to respect the KC Electorate and pass resolution #140.

Resolution #140 is a draft from the city's own law department that would promise voters the city would use the tax revenues from Ballot Questions #1 & #2 (if approved by voters November 4th) for construction of the light rail-based transit system outlined in the light rail initiative supported by 4,000 petition signers.

This way the city cannot use that $1.5 billion tax stream (over the next quarter century!) for whatever project the city wants!

Hint: Think new KCI airport terminal, or a new billion dollar downtown hotel, or a monument to Sly, or even for expanding the City's Frou Frou streetcar line.

* Remember fellow KC voters...


Clay Chastain, part-time KC resident, KCMO registered voter, and leader of the Light Rail Initiative campaign to promote voter approval of Ballot Questions #1 & #2 November 4th.


Anonymous said...

Every time I think I have had it with Sly, Clay pops up like a whack-a-mole and convinces me that Sly is not so bad.

Clay Should Change His Name said...

Emmanuel Goldstein

(And for those of you who blew off the reading list: )

Anonymous said...

No citizen who follows the constitutional process deserves the bullshit that has been pulled with this initiative or on 4000 citizens who signed the petition. It is not a matter of what you think of Chastain. It is a matter of whether or not a city government may be openly corrupt in their handling of a legitimate ballot issue. This is the kind of shit that was pulled in the old south Mississippi. Sly should be ashamed of the mark this makes on his integrity. Sly's mistake is thinking no one will care because of who it is.

Anonymous said...

Where does Clay reside?

Anonymous said...

It does not matter where Clay lives you mayoral sychophant (sic) 'cuse me I mean suckass.

The issue is corrupt government you suckass staffer for S'lie

Anonymous said...

Two legit petitions ignored.

Anonymous said...

I want a law that removes the roof from Clay's house - and no I do not live where he lives. I just want it. It does not matter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Clay and Dan Cofran should move into a love nest together?

Anonymous said...

Why does it seem like dealing with Clay Chastain is like playing Whack-a-Mole?
He's a gigantic pain-in-the-ass who has never accomplished anything of note other than to stir crap up in this city!

And the best comment award goes to said...

7:43 AM

Anonymous said...

FUCK! Go away already Clay. Motherfucker doesn't even live in this city. GTFOOH PLEASE!