Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Kansas City Copes With Triple Homicide Loss

This quick collection of links deals more with the emotional fallout confronting Kansas City after a shocking homicide rampage.

Check it:

KCTV5: Families of those killed in south Kansas City left with huge void

Newspaper: South Kansas City slayings rob city of sense of security

KSHB: Family of shooting victims remember loved ones

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that community will burn their community down or wait for the justice system to play out? I think the victim's families have a lot more reason to be frustrated with the Justice System than Trayvon's or Brown's.

Anonymous said...

Let it play out. Due process should prevail.

As for the evidence, it appears to be cut and dry. Reliable witnesses. Ballistics. The murder weapon. Finger prints.

This is nothing like the Brown or Martin cases. This appears to be cut and dry -- a cold blooded murderer, who in all likelihood, got away with it before. Yeah, he's a REAL MAN...gunning down 3 unarmed elderly folk. And nearly killing 2 more.

My hope is that he ISN'T executed, rather, sent to Pelican Bay sort of SuperMax prison, where he'll be locked in a concrete box of a cell for 23hrs of solitary confinement a day...and let out for only one hour -- alone, with no human contact -- until he dies. Being 34, that gives him about 40-50 years of living hell. And no chance of parole.

Let him rot.

Anonymous said...

I knew this guy from car shows. He had a nice old XKE Jag. The nigger beat him and his wife with the butt of his shotgun. Hell, they were 80+ years old defending what they worked for. Someday people will wake up. We should have picked our own cotton.

Anonymous said...

This whole insolent has convinced me of one thing. I'll be voting straight Republican in the next election.

If your tired of blacks doing crap like this? Vote Republican.

If your tired of 25 to 50% of your pay going to black privilege in the form of welfare, free cell phones, affirmative action?Vote Republican.

If you want to see cops continue to do their jobs without the fear of being sued or worst...killed? Vote Republican.

Are you tired of the main stream media turing thugs into saints? Vote Republican.

Are you tired of black bitching about being poor yet they at a whole still have kids out of wedlock, have high unemployment and don't value education? Vote Republican.

Are you tired of blacks bitching about there being no black cops, one of the few government jobs blacks don't swarm too like a bunch of locust? Vote Republican.

Do you believe there is a thing as a black on white hate crime? Vote Republican.

Are you tired of seeing more and more hard working, educated white people leaving KCMO to the suburbs to get away from this crap? Vote Republican.

Tired of being forced out of entertainment districts because of black youths? Vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

Typical Nigger Behavior is going to become the new normal if people don't wake up and keep them at arm's length.

Anonymous said...

God bless the victims of these crimes

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about three old white people.

Anonymous said...

You're trash.

Anonymous said...

Why do more than half of the murders in the black community go unsolved?

Simple. And it's not shoddy or uncaring police work.

It's because in the black culture -- you don't snitch. So while they might know the killer, they won't talk. And this culture gets more insane with each passing year. Teen pregnancy is normal...seemingly a right of passage for young black girls. As is dropping out of high school. The number one cause of death of young black males is murder -- 91% black on black. Why are a disproportionate number of blacks in prison?Because they commit a disproportionate amount of crimes. The Black Culture's priorities are perverse -- a flashy car over a high school or college education. Music extolls the virtue of crime, drugs and misogyny. Most households are single parent. And this is the third generation whose only real job is standing in line -- for gov. aid, food stamps/WIC, AFDC, etc.

And no "Leader" in the black community is stepping up to help -- or if they point out this inconvenient truth, they're labeled "Uncle Tom" or "Oreo." Sharpton and Jackson only cry "Victim." And race-bait and hustle money.

It's time for the black community to step up. And deal with all of the above. And more.

As far as calling yourselves "African-American," then in fairness, start calling me "European-American."

Better still, how about we all simply ourselves "American."

Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming 10:46. This is why when I get a resume with some nig nog name, it goes straight to the shredder. 30 years have taught me that one white or Latino worker with a GED is worth more than a dozen coloreds with PhDs.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I know it's a dream...better than the current nightmare. But given current black culture, I seriously doubt it's a dream that will come true. Ever.

Especially with Sharpton, Jackson, etc. running the show.

The rest of your post...agreed.

Anonymous said...

Buy some military bullshit like Ferguson and see how that turns out.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to fucking NIGGERS!

Anonymous said...

It just chaps my ass that libtard Jean takes this case and actually has to "consider" whether to seek the death penalty. Typical fucking Jackson County where there are more deals than a car lot.