Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wendy Fiore And Kansas City Wednesday

We welcome the day after the election with this quick look at Kansas City links that really aren't too political at all and with hottie Wendy Fiore serving as a fine distraction. Check it:

- Northeast News Covering Kansas City: What goes on behind the scenes at a community newspaper?

- Preparing For The Worst In The Golden Ghetto: City of Shawnee prepares for public health emergency with exercises

- Ruining The Art Gallery Even Further: Nelson poll: How you voted

- Sunflower State Falling Behind: After Year One Of Obamacare, Kansas’ Uninsured Rate Is Up Five Percent

- Michael Worthington EXECUTED By The State Last Night And Part Of A Trendsetting Killing/Justice Spree Of Convicted Killers: Missouri Executing Inmates at Record Pace

- Healthcare And Ethics Sometimes Conflict: Kansas has lowest HPV vaccination rate in the U.S. for girls

- Kansas City Scoring Frenzy: Royals blast three home runs, providing Duffy rare run support in 12-2 win

- Show-Me The Only Reason To Visit Rural Missouri For Something Other Than A Walnut Bowl Or Show-Me Funnel Cake Fun: The 112th Missouri State Fair, themed “Harvest the Fun!,” kicks off this Thursday in Sedalia.

- The Weather Inspired Our KICK-ASS SONG OF THE DAY That's Always Featured On The Sidebar Of The Desktop Page: Heavy rain and strong storms possible Wednesday and Thursday

- Cowtown Comeback: Rebounding Back Yard Burgers targets KC for growth

- Kansas City Celebrates KICK-ASS Culture Of South Korea: At long last, SungWoo Lee arrives in KC to see beloved Royals in person

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Anonymous said...

Wendy make it more like Wednesday erection round up

Oedipus said...

Wendy has tits exactly like Mom's.

Dr. Mylton Wolfe said...

Research proves that a diet of chocolate and 7 Up leads to breast growth.

Anonymous said...

HPV thing is scary. What it means, basically, is fool around with Kansas girls and your unit is gonna shrivel up and fall off.

Anonymous said...

"Missouri Executing Inmates at Record Pace"

Yeo, when you drag you bureaucratic asses for 10-15 years to put a killing bastard to death things can get backed up.I guess the bar won't let the state kill their ass until their legal bills are paid.