Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wendy And Kansas City Wednesday Clean-up

Wendy Fiore starts our Wednesday afternoon with a reminder that house cleaning shouldn't be overlooked . . .

- Kansas City Corporate Welfare Continues: TIF Commission advances Power & Light Building project ... again

- KCK In The Dark: Nearly 4,000 without power in Rosedale area

- Science And East Side Crime: DNA links man to 1991 rape of teenager in Swope Park

- Lady Crook Consequence: Woman steals $700K from two area employers

- Harsh Times For The Cowtown Military Industrial Complex: Cuts proposed in Army study could hit the Kansas City area hard

- Sound Of This Town: Local Listen: The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra

- Old School Surveillance: Police to get training for new Care Trak system

- Trekking The Midwest: Take A Hike: Katy Trail Expansion Update

- Memorial Motor Tragedy Crusade: Infant son killed by drunk driver inspires mom to fight back

- Northeast Kansas City Cuisine: Pho returns with a flourish.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

DNA links man to 1991 rape of teenager in Swope Park


So surprised it's not an Amish...

Anonymous said...

Woman steals $700K from two area employers

"A Bucyrus woman pleaded guilty Wednesday to embezzling money from two separate employers.

Susan Prophet, who sometimes went by Susan Morris, admitted to embezzling..."

So she's a false prophet?

Anonymous said...

I think she is on POF looking for a man

Anonymous said...

white crime: steal $700,000 in bucyrus
black crime: violent rape in swope park

even our criminals are winning. does the asian criminal spend weekends studying for his second job robbing banks?