Friday, August 15, 2014


TKC NOTE: Here's an important statement for the afternoon from Kansas City's foremost transit activist on the topic of his ballot issue that he contends is being SABOTAGED by City Hall. Check it:

CLAY CHASTAIN: Mayor James wrong. Law department refused to negotiate light rail ballot language

I don't know, maybe City Attorney Bill Geary forgot to tell him, or perhaps he's having a senior moment, or maybe he gets confused easily, but Mayor Sly James said something to the council Thursday, before they voted to sabotage the light rail ballot language by not even mentioning what the taxes are for, that is totally untrue.

Here is the lie as it reads in today's Kansas City Star: "Chastain claims the city legal department refused to negotiate. On Thursday, James claimed it was Chastain who wouldn't talk and criticized him for lobbying council members instead."

I wouldn't talk huh, and why wouldn't I when all I have now is a light rail initiative ballot language that doesn't even mention the light rail plan 4,000 voters signed in behalf of, and that I designed to make a better Kansas City for the people.?

Read below what my attorney wrote to me a few days ago after being told by the City's Law Department they were not interested in responding to our earlier request to work out compromise ballot language, as Judge Midkiff had suggested. Then tell me who is lying to the City Council and the citizens of Kansas City.

"Mr. Chastain:

"The judgment of the trial court becomes final today. My inquiries regarding potential compromise language were refused by the law department (Ms. Sarah Baxter).

"It is my understanding that there is some interest in exploring compromise language. It is my opinion that the Committee and the City can still reach agreement on substitute ballot language so long as that agreement is finalized in time to submit ballot language to the election authorities. If substitute language could be agreed upon, the Committee could agree not to enforce the Judgment in exchange for the City’s agreement to submit the stipulated ballot language. I am not aware of any third party that would have standing to enforce the Court’s Judgment and, therefore, the parties could agree to alter its mandate. Let me know if you have any questions."

Sly is trying to foul up a vote on my light rail plan because he's afraid Clay Chastain will move the city forward with light rail, and not him.

I ask the City Council members to act independently of Mayor Sly James, and reconsider amending their light rail ballot measure at next Thursday's City Council meeting; and do as the Star editorial (07/14) demanded, "Kansas City voters must keep trust with voters on Clay Chastain's transit plan."

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Chastain's a nutbucket. He is obsessed, and should go back to his home in Virginia.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if you think Chastain is a complete fanatic, the sabotage and crooked bullshit Sly has employed over this ballot issue is pure D Pendergast crap. Sly ought to have his fat ass kicked over this.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is the city afraid of why dont they put it up for a vote i thought this was america and not russia come on city do the right thing this time

Anonymous said...

buses are good enough for poors and blacks.


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Anonymous said...

Get those meds fixed.

Anonymous said...

Ignore Mensa boy and hope he'll just go away.

Anonymous said...

The KCMO circus never stops.
The only things that change are what acts are in what rings.
But I'm not sure the trapeeze is going to hold Sly airborne much longer.

Anonymous said...

Vague language will allow sly to use the money as he sees fit. The guy is a crook. I'm voting for the petition. If it wins, sly will try to steal the money.
The guy is a crook and needs to be voted off.

Anonymous said...

Sly should be ashamed. Leaders lead and don't hide. Leaders create other leaders. Sly should help Chastain as the voters want this and clearly do not care for the James' transportation plan. Sly - word of advice : Find some you really believe in and surround yourself

Anonymous said...

When the people spend years failing to hold these crooks accountable, this is the shit you end up with. Everyone in town knows Sly is a piece of shit and yet the dumb asses of KC will turn right around and elect him to another term. Fucking unbelievable~!

Anonymous said...

4000 people signed a petition which did not have the ballot language on it. They signed a piece of paper that was ill prepared. It was flawed and now Clay can't save it. Vote NO --do not give money to the City Council.