Friday, August 22, 2014


Here's a quick word about the implications and expense of a Kansas City transit effort to nowhere . . .


Check it:

"We received word from the Kansas City Streetcar Constructors (KCSC) that a special sewer line repair project will close the intersection of 10th & Main this weekend, beginning at 7 p.m. today.


From the KCSC:

"A damaged sewer line was discovered during the planned private utility work. The damaged line has caused Main Street to be undermined under two lanes of the road with a large void beneath the street. The sewer line must be repaired and the void filled promptly in order to maintain safe conditions on Main Street"

Work starts: Friday, Aug. 22 at 7 p.m.
Completion by: Monday, Aug. 25 at 5 a.m.

Traffic Control: Please see detour map.
5am – 10pm: Northbound and southbound traffic will be flagged. Traffic crossing on 10th will not be affected.
10pm – 5am: Main Street will be closed from just north of 10th Street to just south of 9th Street.

Main Street southbound traffic will be detoured west on 9th Street to south on Wyandotte to east on 10th Street.
Main Street northbound traffic will be detoured east on 10th Street to north on Walnut to west on 9th."


Anonymous said...

Jeez Tony, we get it. The street car is a loser. Now- get back to racism and tittays!

Anonymous said...

See Tony, the only way to get the city to fix the sewers we need is to spend hundreds of millions on a streetcar that we don't need.

elBryan said...

We were told two weeks of construction per block, but 5th & Grand has been a complete disaster all fucking summer.

Anonymous said...

The damage would have been uncovered - and had to have been paid for - eventually.

So therefore a proper headline would have been "Streetcar construction uncovers damaged sewer line, work now will save money in long run."

But a very valient attempt, backed up by some phony insider nonsense about the cost, to puff up your hate of the streetcar.

Most of us can see right through your laughable attempts to feel better about yourself.

It's always been sad watching you squirm for relevance but now it's just getting pitiful. Damn near ten years wasted and all you've got is a bunch of racists following you around.

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

2:04 has a good point about the damaged sewer line being uncovered early, but the streetcar saving money? Not so much.

Get to work on the Prospect MAX, Mensa boy.

elBryan said...

Lolz. Streetcar saves the day.

Anonymous said...

Did your magical mystery bus "plan" save us any money yet, Brybry?

Guess it doesn't matter since it doesn't exist.

Real smart, ck.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone work on the Prospect MAX? The eastside just OVERWHELMINGLY voted against it.

Build the streetcar to the plaza where people want it and will pay for it.

Quit subsidizing transit on the eastside where the people don't even want it.

Build transit between downtown and the plaza, where the city's taxbase is, and laugh while the eastside continues is tailspin towards non existence.

Anonymous said...

Tony, the tab is getting picked up by the contractors not the public.

But lest we forget, David J is still a sore loser train pixie pillow biter and Russ J is still a has been that never was.

Anonymous said...

The eastside voted against streetcars. They have already been promised the Prospect MAX. Russ get going on the Prospect MAX.

Anonymous said...

Niggers are to blame for this.

Anonymous said...

Tony I wonder have you ever sought to know Jesus Christ? As a trained mental health professional, I can say from my 20 yrs experience, mental health does not remove personality disorders nor does it heal depression, suicidality, etc. yes, mental health can provide some support, and docs can give drugs to stabilize. But only being in a relationship with Jesus can totally heal mental health issues.

While this opinion will bother and annoy many, I have found it to be the truth.

Anonymous said...

Well, solid work from you too, making gross generalizations and failing to see the obvious electoral issue, which was the case simply wasn't made to voters. Democracy is a real bitch when you're trying to play Sim City with real people.

Anonymous said...

In KC it is not blacks and the city that need a dialogue. It is the city government and everyone within a hundred miles of that needs to start a dialogue. This city is royally fucked.

Anonymous said...

Check again. Eastside voted against the Prospect Max.

Besides the bus they have is good enough and doesn't require tax Jim Crow discrimination slavery. What about a MAX bus is better?

Can't answer that because every lie you told about streetcars is doubly true about faux BRT.

Also, you guys should be careful about calling people out on "promises", especially ones that no one made, since you guys laundry list of promises (more police, no closing fire stations, new sewers, and of course MAGIC BUSES TO EVERYWHERE!!!! Are still posted on your fakebook page.

Anonymous said...

So much Russ Johnson in this thread. You'd better start groveling at the ATA since the window for work at Bowel & Movement and the like just closed.

Big John Tenderfoot said...

Russ, got any Nebrasky football quotes from Tommy Osborne that can be relatable to the streetcar situation?

Since you ran from Twitter after the election beatdown maybe you can just post them here?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sweet how road construction never inconvenienced anyone. Only streetcars. Once you build a road they are maintenence free forever. Plus they don't cost any money. SMARTCK.

Anonymous said...

Mensa boy, the east side voted against the streetcar. They did not vote against "transit." (Buses are transit, you dolt.)

Put the Prospect MAX on the ballot and see what happens. You won't even have to rig the vote.

As for why the MAX is better than the the "good enough" bus, I suggest you get out of the northland and your SUV and ride (1) the Troost #25 bus and (2) the Troost MAX. Then you might be able to appreciate the difference, you lazy twit.

And I hope the "good enough" comment comes back to bite your lazy racist ass.

Anonymous said...

what is another couple of million. Sly will have the water dept pay for it and water rates will go up again.

Anonymous said...

Remember when you guys used to complain about the crappy water and sewer systems? Now you complain they are getting fixed. Rabble rabble rabble!

elBryan said...

Lol, it took the city over three years and millions of PIAC $ to put together a shitty plan, but they want a grassroots effort to present a viable alternative within weeks of defeating the streetcar. Why would a penny be spent on an alternative plan before we even knew if the streetcar expansion would happen?

There is a plan in the works and it will hopefully be developed over the next 2-3 years. In the meantime, why not focus on making that downtown streetcar successful, okay??

Anonymous said...

So at what point during those 20 years did you go utterly insane?

Anonymous said...

Over a quarter million has been raised so far. Go to the new link to support Officer Wilson for ridding the streets of another worthless thug!

Anonymous said...

"Plan in the works" haha.

I feel bad for you, man. You're not the only east side resident who got bamboozled by these swindlers, you're just the most earnest.

Enjoy another 20 years of population loss and tax base erosion in northeast. Seems like you guys are really on the right course over there.

Anonymous said...

So, no date last night, Mensa boy?

Anonymous said...

There is the answer. If you fucks in KC want your sewers to be finally repaired just keep buying billion dollar train lines.

Anonymous said...

Streetcar runs into Shit.
Or is it Shitty Streetcar is in the sewer HA HA HA