Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Kansas City Wednesday Link Pool

Rachael Neiberding hotness starts our midday, midweek peek at these Kansas City mainstream media links:

- Ladies First In This Week Of Acknowledgment: Kansas City celebrates Women’s equality

- Sleaze Summit Payback: Lee’s Summit wants to collect delinquent ambulance bills

- Alternative Kansas City Fuel Source: KCATA debuts new fast-fill CNG fueling station

- Dictates For The Big Sunflower State Contest: Dave Helling: Kansas governor debate can’t be a one-sided affair

- Tragic Back To School Prep: In Wake Of Sandy Hook, KCK Public Schools Rolls Out District Police

- More Deets On The Gigabit Golden Ghetto: Google Fiber extends sign-ups further into JoCo

- Meth Town Survivors: Man grateful family is safe after explosion

- Profit From Pretending To Be A Playoff Contender: Chiefs, KC business community celebrate new season

- Kansas City Jazz Legacy: Daughter of music legend Charlie Parker in Kansas City for Jazz Club celebrations

- Tiger Tragedy: Former Missouri State player had CTE when he died at 25

- JoPo Talks Kansas City Royals Tradition: Blaming the fans

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Anonymous said...

Wait till that CNG filling station blows up like the one in Tacoma, WA did. It screwed up transit for months. Dangerous places.

Anonymous said...

The only safe transit is pesonal automobiles at 55 mph or greater.

No accidents or deaths or problems come from private personal automobile use.

Plus its free and roads pay for themselves and are not 19h century technology.

-GENIUSCK (GOPers Ending Neighborhood Investment Until Services Crumble Kompletely)

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Anonymous said...

"Kansas City celebrates Women’s equality"

As soon as Obama, Claire and Holder are done trying to run Ferguson, MO perhaps they will order the Department of Labor to enforce those decades old laws about equal pay for equal work for woman. Typical Libtards. They can tell everyone else how it is supposed to be done, but not a fucking one of them can do a thing.

Call 'em VC's for short said...

There must be some real powerful and influential velociraptor cunts out there perpetuating that old "75 cents to the male dollar" chestnut... because decade after decade dimwitted rubes continue to believe and repeat it.

Anonymous said...

More girls like that. Thin with big tits and less of the fatties

Anonymous said...

Did you see the video 9 year old girl over in Arizona get her first kill with an Uzi?

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to speak ill of the dead but that dude at the gun range was a real fucking dumb ass