Thursday, August 21, 2014

Surprise!!! Red Light Spy Camera Exec Now Snitches On Colleagues In Corruption Case!!!

This story applies to Kansas City because red light camera companies are notoriously shady and it turned out that after all of their advocacy and politico defense of the spy tech . . . Their tactics and methodology were ultimately ILLEGAL according to the Missouri Supreme Court . . . Now, one of these corporate elite is caught up in a a nasty corruption charge and quickly flipping on her accomplices throughout municipal government: Key red light camera player cooperating with feds


Anonymous said...

What? Like no one smelled a rat in the incredible aggressive posture taken by the city? I've been praying some crooked as bureaucrat would slip up here in KC. Perhaps if the Feds turn on the heat the cat will come out of the bag. Pendergast dies hard in Kansas City

Abcnkc said...

At the traffic signal down the block the green and yellow lights are working fine, but the red one appears to be not working.

Should I report it to someone or do you think the red light camera has already caught the problem? And why just red light cameras, the other colors are important also.