Friday, August 08, 2014

Super Bowl Bound Racist Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs have blessed local sports media with an early season win and cause for MUCH celebration . . .

Also, recruiting Native American support for their racist name seems to have also helped drum up a bit of culture war reporting.

Check it:

Big plays on D, special teams lead Chiefs past Bengals

K.C. handling sensitive issue the right way

Chiefs win preseason debut in high-scoring game

Chiefs fans take their first crack at navigating through new parking rules

Chiefs beat Bengals 41-39 in preseason opener

The Chiefs managed two offensive touchdowns against Cincinnati on Thursday night. Their defense and special teams trumped them.

Some local Indians hope Chiefs make a change

Nevertheless, smarter Kansas City football experts realize THE TEAM ISN'T EVEN GOING TO COME CLOSE to a playoff victory this season.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


All the local KC Indian Center wants is MONEY. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH "CULTURE!" The Kansas City Indian Center is a joke. Nearly as bad as Freedom Inc. -- though the ZERO political influence.

The KC Indian Center's BIGGEST JOB is getting people with just a sliver if Native ancestry SIGNED UP FOR GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE!!!

Anonymous said...

um, since when is "Chiefs" racist? prove to me that name is racist.

Some Fuckin' Libtard said...

I found two of the KC touchdowns to be offensive!

I'm filing a complaint.

Anonymous said...


Seems any time a group shouts "Racism," it's usually a thinly veiled code for GIVE US MONEY! AND most often from a group or individual who represents no one (think Al Sharpton).

Funny how CASH has a way of promoting "Racial Understanding."

Message to Mr Hunt: write the KC Indian Center a check for Five Grand and they'll shut up.

Anonymous said...

$5000? That's BIG WAMPUM.

To sweeten the deal, the Chiefs should throw in a bunch of beads, some blankets and most importantly, some $10 a cup Arrowhead Firewater.

Anonymous said...

Time to stock up on smallpox blankets.

Chief Double Entendre said...

Next thing you know there will be Indians in the Arrowhead parking lot scalping tickets.

Anonymous said...

That guy isnt even from KC, he's the janitor at the Indian Center which a a multi-cultural Center, they use him because he is the best "hollywood" Indian they could come up with, the IC has gone through 8 or 9 executive directors over the past year and a half and gives out food at the pantry for all minorities.
They also house the NATIONAL native american chamber of commerce which is not national, under investigation for fraud, one of the board members Steve Flick was sued in Jeff City for fraud while on the board of another not for profit, the American Indian Council is under investigation for fraud and the nnacc is being sued by its former Executive director claiming the board committed fraud by claiming they were american indian under the mbe dbe program and taking contracts claiming they were minorities.
The nnacc is not recognized nationally and has 4 members at last count two white guys, 1 squaw and a black guy.
Saying your something doesnt make you what you claim.. I havent seen them do a thing there.
all this is is a shake down trying to make money by claiming a name .. a single nake like "Chief" is racist ...I'm surprised they arent complaining about spider man where they called the editor "chief" or superman for that matter, theres some deep pockets

Chief Big-in-the-Pants (formerly Chief Wahoo) said...

Sometimes the clerks at QT call me "chief."

I leave with a lone tear falling down my cheek.

Anonymous said...

I heard about that hot mess lol, that guy was on the board for the American indian council and was the executive director of the nnacc and chris molle had staff signing papers for people who were supposedly getting money from the federal government under one of the programs they applied for. The staff went to him and he asked for an audit and they said no so he left the board and the government went after the American indian council, I think theyre still being investigated but chris molle cannot speak about that guy without looking like someone punched her in the face.

Then the guy (ryan) I think found out that his board was claiming they were American indian and they were certified by the city as minorities, steve flick had a fake tribal card and larry Reynolds had nothing at all except the indian center vouched for him and said he was indian probably because he was doing free electrical work for them but ryan asked that they get removed from the board or quit because it was fraud saying you were indian and getting contracts when you weren’t, one of the board members quit the board on the spot when they refused to leave and ryan had them removed, they took him to court and the judge said he removed them the wrong way and put them back on the board but wouldn’t give them a million dollars each because he told on them for not being Indians, they got a order saying no one could talk about it from the judge and then they fired the guy.
Boy he got screwed, Reynolds electric to this day gets contracts and passes them through to the Hispanic chamber but they are being sued now in court and flick from flick seeds actually just got sued by his other board for fraud, his ex wife sued him for not paying child support and it’s a big mess and nothing good has happened for the Indians since these people started making decisions for them.

Anonymous said...

So calling an NFL team the Chiefs is racist, but calling a Mexican restaurant Ponchos is just good business? Typical libtard logic.

Anonymous said...

Like so many of the Not For Profit organizations claiming to represent a certain minority segment, the Kansas City Indian Center neither represents the Native American community, nor does it do much to promote Native American culture.

The reality is, as a previous commenter noted, that the MidAmerica Indian Center (dba Kansas City Indian Center) has churned thru a half dozen exec directors in the last 10 years -- most fired for "improprieties" (read: they were crooks). The board is made up of cronies of the employees, and are only there for the free food they get from their food pantry. And ego.

Their spokesman is a "Hollywood" actor, as a previous commenter noted, having appeared in small roles in a number of movies and TV shows. He also fronts a band that plays what best can be described as "new age" music.

Their "cultural outreach" is essentially limited to a monthly pot-luck supper called "Culture Night" where adults talk and eat, and the handful of kids who show make bead jewelry or play with drums. And then of course, they do participate in 2 or 3 ethnic festivals where they sell buffalo burgers and corn. Pretty sad really.

They also house a small and unaffiliated alcohol and drug treatment program.

With the rich, and mostly forgotten, heritage of the various Native American cultures -- as many different cultures as there are countries on the planet -- it's a shame, if not a crime, that these beautiful cultures are represented in such a shoddy and unethical way.

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with 10:14 they hit the nail on the head and woe be the person to cross the leaders of these groups or try to make things better, you would get the same results as saying "you people" to a black person.

They are nothing short of criminal and deter any hope of positive works happening for the American Indian community in and around KC, if it doesn't involve these people making money from it.

Everything they do they get paid for, as for the alcohol and drug treatment program it is from Indian Health Services (IHS) and its for a full time employee but because they use the funding to pay themselves they only have a counselor that comes in every other weekend.

its truly one of the saddest things to experience seeing a group like the American Indian Counsel who gets $990,000 every three years in WIA funding and maybe 3 or 4 people come into their office weekly for bus passes and funding for school books and boots for work.
According to Chris Molle, she serves around 200 to 300 people weekly, something thats hard to do even by government standards when no one knows where your office is and you are only open 3 or 4 says a week at random times

Anonymous said...

TK your mother is very good friends with Chris Molle, I believe she actually tried to help Chris Molle put another organization out of business using her just hired new position to get them in trouble for what she tried to pull was a "hate crime" against Chris Molle because she is 1/32nd cherokee Indian? Chris then used her power to put Mona Perry out of work after Mona lied for her and Mona is one of KC's most active activists for Indian rights

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure in good old KC Non Profit does not equal charity. There are 501c's in this town for everything from promoting rugby to protecting abused women by sitting around doing nothing. One of the latest 501c rackets is to take your failing brick and mortar retail operation, turn it into a non profit thrift store, take the tax advantages of a charity and continue to pay your staff and yourself premium salaries with no tax burdens related to your "non profit" activities. These organizations are a joke. In the mean time the IRS goes after political foes and its own records disappear when challenged.

We have a non profit system in this country that is a sure fire money maker paid for by tax payers. As long as they don't make waves all they have to do is flower up the paperwork and take the money to the bank.

I would suggest the Chiefs organization do a thorough investigations of this organization before wasting it's time trying to have a reasonable exchange with these clowns.

Anonymous said...

Heap big Injun trouble in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Change the name of the team to the Kansas City Prairie Niggers

Anonymous said...

Hide the firewater and the thundersticks, here they come to steal our horses again!

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City Indian Center is like so many other not-for-profits: They say they're about helping "their people" -- really racism by the way -- but they're really about helping themselves.

And on any given day, you can watch their staff helping themselves to cases of groceries they get from Harvesters & Trader Joe's. Staffers regularly load up their cars -- and their kids' & friends' cars -- with hundreds of dollars in food at a pop! ALL THE TIME! So much that I doubt any of 'em need to go to the grocery store...EVER! Loading up steaks & bacon & hams & chicken...cases of fresh fruit & much more etc. etc. etc. And the Board Members are right there along with them.

It's supposed to go to help folks truly in need. Guess the staff and board figure they need it more.

It's criminal.

Anonymous said...

the same with Chris Molle and her christmas toys for tots, they take the larger gifts that NEVER find their way to the intended people and she subs them with smaller 2 and 3 dollar board game gifts, it is criminal, there is NO checks and balances and I know that guy "Ryan" its actually John OBrien not Ryan and he spent nearly 5 or 6 years working towards American Indian identity and fair treatment.
When he spoke out about Chris Molle, the Heart of America Indian Center and the ones who hijacked his organization he was all but run out of Kansas City, he was never paid and everything was done on a voluntary basis. Even the biggest christmas event was put on by his organization and he trusted them to hand out one large turkey per family all the stuff needed to feed a family of eight for Christmas Dinner and a $50 gift card for walmart along with Christmas gifts for the children and a large catered mean at the event where he fed nearly 120 families (much of the cards were stolen and the gift boxes of food by Theresa Bradsky, Chris Molle and a few of the board).
After the Heart of America Indian Center and Chris Molle AND TK's Mother got done with him. the following year, he had the same event and 10 people showed up.
He just wasnt smart enough to let these established groups take the credit and he crossed city hall. there is just so much shame to go around and NOT one of them cares because they think they can justify what they did