Sunday, August 10, 2014


A suburb of STL reaches the boiling point this weekend in the aftermath of a tragic shooting.

"The AP reported that residents of the predominantly black town of Ferguson spilled out of their apartments in a confrontation that lasted several hours. They shouted obscenities and some threats, such as "kill the police," but there were no reports of additional injuries.

"The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that a group of around 100 people gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department later Saturday evening and chanted "No Justice! No Peace!""

As of late there has been a bit of a civil liberties crackdown in the Show-Me state and this incident seem to have created a flash point to deep rooted resistance community tension following police shooting.

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RT: Calls for blood after police kill black teen in Missouri

LA Times: Teen shot dead by police in suburban St. Louis; residents protest

NY Daily News: Unarmed 18-year-old man shot dead by police in Missouri: witnesses

Fox News: Missouri town on edge after 18-year-old fatally shot by police

CBS News: Angry crowd gathers after Missouri police shoot teen

Daily Mail UK: Outraged crowds gather after a police officer shot an unarmed teenager on the street in St Louis and his grandmother discovers his body

KMBC: NAACP requests FBI probe into police shooting of Mo. teen

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Anonymous said...

Flashpoint is right. But this story has even broader implications.

Anonymous said...

Blacks kill each other at a rate of 8 to 10,000 a year,but sure know how to translate ANY percieved injustice from whites or the police into cash from the facist Feds with this type of phony indignance.

If the stereotype didn't fit like a glove, then maybe this piece of shit would still be alive.

The gloves DO fit, but still we must aquit.

Anonymous said...

What is it about a pic of cops and German shepherds keeping negroes in line that just warms the heart.

Anonymous said...

7:48 that photo was staged.

Anonymous said...

All indications are the young black man was holding his arm's up, after being shot, trying to surrender, when he was shot two additional times.

If that is the case, the cops who fired the shots should be tried for murder. Plain and simple !

Doesn't matter if the young man was black, brown, white, or tan......murder is murder.

Anonymous said...

One more nigger not clogging up the justice system for the next 50 years. said...

Polar Bear, if in fact that is true, then the penalty should be the same as if you shot someone's dog.

What? No outrage? No marches? No vigils? This undeclared intifada on white people is an ongoing low level civil war, that the MSM refuses to acknowledge and the Politicians in power give de facto permission to continue, Eric "My People" Holder has not, is not and will not prosecute ANY hate crimes unless they are white on black. So unless there is another half white Zimmerman to be crucified in a National Star Chamner Show Trial in the offing, then the unrelenting black on white hate crimes will continue while we all wring our hands and scream about no justice and no piece in the media until our fucking ears bleed. said...

Here is what the streets are really like and why cops have quick trigger fingers. So shut the fuck up. said...

It gets cold in the winter, in gets hot in the summer and black people are atavistic, violent and destrutctive where ever they are. It is what it is and if a innocent black kid gets shot, it is not the fault of the cops, it is the fault of our incessant, self destructive need to pretend that blacks are NOT a pernicious and deadly threat to everyone.

Kyle Rogers said...

Ever notice that the media is pushing a political agenda? Certain minor events are reported endlessly while some major events are ignored. It all depends on the political agenda of the news outlet. It is no secret that the agenda is usually a left-wing one.

This agenda is especially pronounced when it comes to crime. The media does not like to report black crime. Even when an at large suspect posed an immediate danger to the public, the media would rather ignore it.

I’ve written about this issue for years online. I got a big break in 2007. The LA Times issued an official online statement admitting that it was standard practice in the newspaper industry to censor of the race of minority crime perpetrators.

In the past year, a multitude of media bosses have publicly confessed to censoring black crime. Some of them proudly confess, and say that the censorship is for the public’s benefit. Some of them even call critics “racists” for asking for accurate news coverage.

All of these “media elites” place political correctness far above public safety. For the past year, I’ve been collecting news articles on the subject. Here are my complete findings.

Kyle Rogers said...

The TV Show COPS

John Langley, creator and producer of the TV show COPS bragged to conservative columnist Ben Shapiro that he censors black crime.

Langley states “What irritates me sometime is critics still watch something and say ‘oh look they misrepresent people of color.’ That’s absolutely not true. Au contraire. I show more white people than statistically what the truth is in terms of street crime. If you look at the prisons it’s 60-something percent people of color, and 30-something percent of white people. If you look at COPS it’s 60 percent white and 40 percent, it’s just the reverse. And I do that intentionally, because I don’t want to contribute to negative stereotypes.”

Langley boldly admits to censoring black crime for political reasons.

Associated Press

Tom Kent, deputy managing editor for standards and production at The Associated Press recently admitted that the AP censors black crime.

Last March Kent said that race is not usually mentioned unless it is a “hate crime.” As you know, the media rarely declares black on white crime to be a “hate crime.” Only the extremely rare white on black crimes are ever considered a “hate crime” in the media.

Kent said that if the police are looking for an at large suspect they may mention race. However, Kent stated “but once a person is captured, it probably would not be germane to the story.”

In other words, unless the perp is white or the police specifically ask for it, the AP censors the race of black crime perpetrators.

New York Times

Philip Corbett, associate managing editor of the New York Times recently confessed to censoring black crime.

Last March, 18 black males aged 16-27 were arrested for allegedly gang raping an 11 year old Mexican girl in Cleveland, Texas. The radical New Black Panther Party actually held a rally at an all black church demanding the release of the perpetrators. Over one hundred local blacks attended the rally.

The New York Times ran an article that critics say blamed the victim and her family. It also expressed shock that members of the public were supported the accused perps.

However the Times completely censored the fact that the perpetrators are black. The newspapers also portrayed those who were supporting the perps as “Texans.”

There was a backlash against the New York Times for their insulting coverage.

The New York Times published a follow-up admitting their first piece “lacked balance.”

Philip Corbett, however, defending censoring the race of the perpetrators. He said that mentioning the race of a crime perpetrator does “not really providing any useful information and it could be sort of boiler plate.”

By “boiler plate,” Corbett means that it would be politically incorrect to inform the public the truth about crime in America. He feels that political correctness is more important than public safety.

Kyle Rogers said...

Chicago Tribune

Last June Chicago Tribune senior vice president and editor Gerould Kern admitted the newspaper censors black crime in a rather nasty response to his critics.

Kern stated, “we guard against subjecting an entire group of people to suspicion because of the color of their skin.”

His admission of guilt came after a series of brutal racially motivated mob attacks against white people in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune censored the race of the perpetrators and concealed the nature of the attacks.

When critics attacked the Tribune for their coverage, Kern proudly boasted of the papers’ censorship and personally insulted the white victims. He ranted, “there is no evidence to suggest that the victims were singled out because of their race.”

Following the diatribe by Chicago Tribune Editor Kern, Chicago Tribune opinion page writer Steve Chapman, who calls himself “a minority of one,” stated the same thing and defended the practice.

Chapman, who is on the far left, states “It’s the newspaper’s sound general policy not to mention race in a story, whether about crime or anything else.” Chapman then got very nasty in his diatribe defending censorship. He states that people who advocate accurate reporting of crime stories “fear or dislike blacks.”

Chapman also decided to take a jab at the innocent white victims of black mob violence in Chicago. He claimed the race of the perpetrators was not relevant. Then he said stated “what good would it do to trumpet the skin color of the thugs? So pedestrians on Michigan Avenue can run away when they see two or more African-Americans?”

Obviously Chapman would rather see more innocent white people attacked than report the news accurately.

Washington Post

In August of 2010 the Washington Post Ombudsman Andrew Alexander stated that the paper censored race. He said that Weekend News Editor Robert E. Pierre supported the censorship.

The Post came under criticism by readings for censoring black mob violence on the local metro system.

Alexander whined, “The Post should always be sensitive to overplaying stories, especially if race is involved.” Keep in mind that Alexander is talking about a story that the Post was criticized for downplaying, not overplaying.

Pierre attacked critics of the paper’s coverage as “racial insensitive.”

LA Times

The LA Times was the first newspaper I ever noticed openly admitting to racial censorship. This was back in 2007. The paper made an online database of homicides. They offered a sort of apology for including the races of the perpetrators. They stated that it was normally their policy to censor this information.

On June 6, 2007 the LA Times made this official statement. “Racial information was once routinely included in news stories about crimes, but in recent decades, newspapers and other media outlets stopped mentioning suspects’ or victims’ race or ethnicity because of public criticism. Newspapers came to embrace the idea that such information is irrelevant to the reporting of crimes, and may unfairly stigmatize racial groups.”

By “public criticism,” they are referring to bullying by radical racial groups like the NAACP.

There is NO main stream media publication that does not censor black crime. said...

Ignore this

NO justice no piece!!

Anonymous said...

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that a group of around 100 people gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department later Saturday evening and chanted "No Justice! No Peace!""

Target-rich environment - the police should have done MO a favor and emptied their guns at them.

Anonymous said...

Atavistic is a great word. said...

Here is a list, of LITERALLY hundreds and hundreds of black on white HATE crimes over the last couple of years.

When there are marches and vigils covered by the National Media, THEN maybe I will give a fuck about some feral thug getting shot by the cops.

Harry Stone said...

While you are all flogging your dolphins over some piece of shit thug who no doubt was going to cure cancer, I am still dead.

Anonymous said...

Was the black a firefighter by chance ?

This sounds like the KCPD cop that chased a innocent fireman down a alley and shot him twice.

Was he working off duty in St. Louis yesterday ?

Anonymous said...

Im proud of u polarbear. You realize unlike many here that once we normalize this over reach its only a matter of time before they come for our rights (whites) in the same manner.

cml said...



Anonymous said...

This isn't about black crime. This is about a young unarmed citizen being shot dead on the streets of his hometown by police. I guess if you don't want to get killed by police you should stay off the sidewalk? This is just more of the ever increasing trend of police stepping over the line and people seeming to love it - until they become a victim. No cop has the right to shoot or strike anyone for merely failing to yield to authority at the exact moment it is demanded. I woild suggest that it would be very unwise to return to the 1940's where the bulls actually
got away with murder in this state.

Anonymous said...

Just another dead useless nigger.
That's a plus.

Anonymous said...

NAACP: Niggers Agitating And Complaining Profusely

Anonymous said...

Increase their pay and up the quota now!

Anonymous said...

He musta been outta Skittles®

Anonymous said...

The plethora of "outraged" porchmonkey photos at the Daily Mail UK website are worth their weight in gold.

Virtual tour of the St. Louis Zoo primate section?

cml said...

No doubt if Obama had a son...

we r going to hear this crap for months

cml said...


Ur wrong. It is all about black crime

Anonymous said...

If Obama had a son, he'd be an illiterate high school graduate in a shithole ghetto suburb of St. Louis.

Yep, that's right.

That's a place that needs to be bulldozed said...

Ferguson is a nigger-infested, crime-ridden, nasty place near the airport in St. Louis.
I feel for any cops who have to patrol that stinking jungle full of jiggaboos and losers.

Anonymous said...

"Dats righ, ma son Diptherius waz franes wit dat boy an he wuz a goin ta colladge, yaknowwhatimean? He cud reed da small werdz an count to phree!"

- NAACP Regional Executive Director And Mouthpiece No. 17 of the Africanized Feral Sub-Culture Draining The Coffers of America

M Gruff said...

that fucking bear has gone soft on the spooks.

there is a new sheriff in town now.

McGruff is on the job. Niggers beware. I will take a bite out of your black asses....literally speaking. Nobody would want the taste of nigger ass in their mouth.

McGruff out

Anonymous said...

M Gruff: Sickem boy. Good Dog.

What is black and tan and looks good on a hoodie? A German Shepherd. I know that is oldie but it is a golden oldie.

Orphan of the Road said...

Polar Bear, twice in a week we agree. Shocking isn't it?




We be peaceful so we ain’t got no riot shit like gas masks, ski masks or Guy Fawkes masks.

BUT WE GOT: Candles? We got your candles. 4 candles for a dollar. Teddy bears, 1 for $5 2 for $8. Special today: a vigil kit: 4 candles, 1 yellow ribbon, 1 teddy bear, a pack of hankies and a bottle of water. Don’t let summer catch you vigil or protest challenged.

Just in tee shirt saying “HEY DON’T RIOT, BE QUIET AND HAVE A VIGIL OR A PROTEST“ And still have the: “I’M DOWN WITH SLY & DIRTY MARY. I DON’T DO NO OPEN CARRY” tee shirts. We got an order to get that printed on a Kevlar vest and hope to have them in the future.

We also just got in new tee shirts with Ronald McDonald holding a pitchfork saying: “REVOLUTION NOW MOTHERFUCKER!” We got a G rated one where he says: “REVOLUTION NOW!”

And our disclaimer: For those of you educated in the KCPS and UMKC, this is satire and not spam

One more thing: We at Vigils and Shit do not accept unsolicited bulk email. So don't do that shit with us.

Anonymous said...

I think this defines the 2014 TKC readership.

Quite a "Klan" you cna be proud of Tony.

Pretty sure, most would relate to ISIS.

Anonymous said...

@450. Used to be City Hall employees, then fire fighters, now anonymous troll haters. Notice how his "tipster" info is now pretty marginal?

ghostrider said...

i want to see these same nigs protest in front of the next gangbangers house that takes the life of a rival in the hood. They dont give a fuck when that shit happens.

Anonymous said...

The police there are slacking off.
There must be at least 3,000 more they could ice in an effort to make that a more civilized place.

Anonymous said...

Update: Cops are now saying there was a struggle in a cop car and of course the hood rats went for the cops gun and shots were fired.

Never been in a cop car without handcuffs. Don't happen. Ask that boy in a fucking boat down here at the lake. MHP claims the dude jumped overboard. Yeah right, with your hands handcuffed behind you. More likely a little assistance in the form of a two handed shove. The bear digresses...

The hoodie that was shot was running down the street and witnesses state had his hands up trying to give up when he was shot twice. No gun.

This could be a cause for....... get ready.........

Toni Bones

One would be wise to avoid cops at all cost. The bear quit going to a health club because a couple of flat foot douche bag cops started coming in. Low IQ d-bags with guns and a badge scare even a polar bear.

M Gruff said...

Do you wear a tampon Polar Bear ? Going soft on the niggers I see.


Anonymous said...

1:45=hysterical! ;)

Anonymous said...

You dumb fuckers are ridiculous. So blacks commit more crime so black on white crime is ignored I agree. The difference is you cold hearted worthless pricks that spout shit like this are part of the problem not the solution. To show such a vast disregard for another human being that is different from you just shows a lack of intelligence and empathy which makes you just as bad or worse than the other side. If you sacrifice your humanity as you stupid pricks have then the stereotype you rail against has already won.

Anonymous said...

The funniest part here is that the people railing against the blacks are the same as the blacks they are the poor low iq dredges of white society who may as well be black themselves but somehow cling to the myth that because there skin is a diff color there better.

dis ded nigga not Trayvon but be doin de Trayvon!!! said...

Mikey doin de Trayvon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just a bunch of animals. Niggers being niggers.

Anonymous said...

it's simply genetics.

Anonymous said...

1:22 You don't see looting in the poor white or poor Mexican communities nor do you see the level of violence that you see in the black community. You are probably a liberal idiot. Both a bleeding heart and a bleeding brain.

Anonymous said...

If i was reporting the news last night in STL, I would have said "look people these are niggers-this is what nigger means". What do you think the police would have done if this were white people acting like this? They wouldn't have stood back and watched in fear of making it a hate crime or racial profiling. They would have done every thing possible to stop them from stealing, burning, and looting. As for the mother already hiring tryvonns attorney before the day was over-what can i say but-wait for it---NIGGER".

Anonymous said...

Funny how niggers can't just behave themselves.i wish the cops would kills every one of those government assistance using monkeys and make lampshades put of their shit brown skin

Fiero GT said...

Don't do the crime if you don't want to be shot. Funny true story though if it had been the cop who died it never would have hit the news.... Think about that.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ this comment section. Faggits trolling in groups repeating the same shit over and over like parrots. I mean, you have to be in your fucking 40s to still think trolling and Internet personal armies are cool. They should have never made Internet affordable to blue collared and minimum wage trash.