Thursday, August 14, 2014

Show-Me Gov. Jay Talking Ferguson Uprising

Gov. Jay has taken a hit for his Ferguson, Missouri response or lack thereof . . . Here's mainstream media offering their assesment of the Gov. Reax along with a statement he's making right now . . .

- Fox4: Watch live: Gov. Nixon speaks about Ferguson shooting, protests

- WaPo: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has been at the center of racial tension before Ferguson

- USA Today: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon criticized for slow Ferguson response

- Politico: Jay Nixon: Ferguson ‘deeply troubling’

- MSNBC: Jay Nixon speaks out, faces crucial test in Michael Brown case

- The Wire: Congressman Says Missouri's Governor Is Pulling the St. Louis County PD Off Ferguson

- Bloomberg Bizweek: Ferguson, Mo., Is Destroying Public Faith in Government

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Jay Nixon just broke the national record for the use of the bumbling terms, "um", "uh", and "a,a,a,a,a". He is clearly out of touch with what is happening and doesn't have any real answers or well-considered ideas.

What an inefective twat of a "leader".

He's a stinking pile of shit if there ever was one.

Anonymous said...

"the, the, the..."
"um, um, um, um, um..."
"er, um, um, er, a, a, um..."

- Jay Nixon, Governor, Dumbass

Anonymous said...

This putz has no answers.
He also seems really nervous.
Maybe he shit a brick when the MIAC briefing was done this morning about the organized black riots that are about to explode in multiple States/metros and the federal response that will bring martial law to several FEMA districts.

SHTF Time Is Here said...

Prepare to lose your liberty and all of your rights in the next 72 - 120 hours.

Anonymous said...

Race Riots
Police State
Arbeit Macht Frei
Der F├╝hrer Obama
Final Solution to the Constitution Question

Anonymous said...

I say as a Democrat, Nixon was a buffoon just now on national tv. He was scared to death that he might say the wrong thing.
It was simple Jay, an unarmed man was killed by a policeman, then last night the police showed up looking like our military invading an Afghan enemy stronghold.

Anonymous said...

3:41, same speak as stupid nigger boy obama. have you ever listened to that silly muslim koon speak?

Anonymous said...

He can't do any worse than the local/county gestapo have been doing the last several nights.

Take a day
And walk around
Watch the nazis
Run your town
Then go home
And check yourself
You think we’re singing
‘Bout someone else . . . but you’re
Plastic people!
Oh baby, now . . .
You’re such a drag

- Frank Zappa

Polar Bear said...

Speaking of a "shivering Mexican hairless",

" here Jay", " come boy" !

Come out from under the bed, right now.

Anonymous said...

In Missouri, white racists don't have to wear bedsheets. They can wear GI Joe battle costumes instead and point loaded guns at unarmed civilians and news reporters just for kicks. Why do you people still have statehood?

Anonymous said...

This is Mike Sanders should be Governor

Anonymous said...

St. Louis mayor looked nervous too, like he wanted to meld into the wall.

The Nightstick said...

Governor Nixon is a Pussy! What Missouri could use right now is Gov. George Wallace in his prime. He would see that the looting feral coons would get their noggins split in two.

Recognition of the End said...

Jay Nixon, Political Consulting, Jefferson City, Missouri.

It is over Jay.

I suppose Margaret will stay with you.

Anonymous said...

Jay Nixon can't even pronounce the name of the fucking state without messing it up. He likes to call it "Missour-uh." The only people who slaughter the name like that are stupid wanna be folksy apple pie douchebags. Nobody really talks like that unless they eat Copenhagen for breakfast and comment on how hot their sister looks in confederate flag panties.


Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourselves

Anonymous said...

Just get rid of all of the niggers and all problems solved.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it folks, law enforcement unions throw funds at politicians to continue their support of the warrior build up of their departments. In Kansas, these punk ass swat teams are out of control. Your entire your house becomes a shopping center. They have their own terms for shopping, it's swag.

Take a look at this as proof:

Placing machine guns at American citizens heads is not the role of local law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Nixon's out of touch. Totally out of fucking touch with reality.