Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Once again the economic policies of Kansas Gov. Brownback are coming under fire.

This time it looks a bit more important given that we're not just talking politics or a silly theoretical macro-economic debate but real world cash infraction with come serious consequences . . .

KCUR: SEC Charges Kansas With Securities Fraud


"The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Kansas with fraud Monday for failing to inform purchasers of state bonds about underfunding of the state employees pension fund.

"The charges centered on the sale of $273 million in bonds in 2009 and 2010."

The cash shortage makes the economy of the state look week and, in reality, the only biz that's really rushing to Kansas to escape Kansas come from KCMO where the e-tax chases away more people than anybody would care to realize.


Anonymous said...

One percent. One. Percent. Good God, you move because of 1 percent?? Tell me you move because of the schools. Tell me you move for one type of incentive or another. But please don't tell me you move for one percent.
Greed. Its a sin.

Anonymous said...

This was under the Sebeljevich/Parkinson regimes.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how bad you have to fuck up to get the spineless, toothless SEC to act? Kansas looks bad and so does Brownback

Anonymous said...

Yes I'd move for the schools and 1%.

Anonymous said...

agreed 12:05