Monday, August 18, 2014

Occupy KC Ferguson, Missouri Protest

Here's a look at a speech from a recent Occupy KC gathering . . .

Maurice Copeland has long been a dedicated Kansas City activist . . .

In this clip, he reminds us of Kansas City protest clashes during the MLK riots and connects us with the not-so-distant past of civil rights struggle and the aftermath of slavery . . .

IBWC shares this clip . . .

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

"Community Activist".

Worthless slug sucking off the government teat.

Anonymous said...

Micheal Brown,
A young black man.
Didn’t get to live,
The American plan.

A gentle giant
An academic prodigy
A big teddy bear
Asset to the community

Stopped by police,
Cause he was blocking traffic
You think that’s a reason
Dont make me start laughing

Cop didn’t like him
Just cause he was black
Filled him with lead
That is totally whack

Listen up,
Ima drop some knowledge,
So what if he stole
He needed money for college

A really great rapper
AKA Big’Mike
Dropping wisdom and bass
He really rocked that mic

So Just because,
you attack a cop.
doesn’t mean,
you oughtta get shot!

Show the world,
your love for Micheal Brown
burn this whole city
straight to the ground

Anonymous said...

That was dumb. said...

Look at the autopsy report.

All in the front.

Of course, Eric "My People" Holder is ordering ANOTHER autopsy because this doesn't fit the narrative of an innocent "Gentle Giant" black child shot dead in the streets by an evil white cop.

It suports the video, shown minutes before his death, that he was another garden variety piece of shit thug.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Toni Bones will turn around and come home.

Anonymous said...



If these black rioters/looters/arsonists/knockout game playing/lynch mob had their way, they'd drag the body of Darren Wilson (Say a prayer for him and his family) or any white police officer through the streets of Ferguson, just as the Somalians did white members of the U.S. Army in Black Hawk Down.

It's a lynch mob in 67% black Ferguson.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Anonymous said...

We'll riot together
To show how we care
I need some rims
Or maybe a pair

Anonymous said...

Enough, the hell with all niggers.

Anonymous said...

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon sends National Guard to Ferguson

Anonymous said...

Perpetual victim Maurice Copeland is just another race-baiter with COPD (Chronic Oppression Psychosis Dementia).

Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Can't Be Fixed in many cases.

chuck said...

Stupid can't be fixed, you're right. And I ought to know.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, where were Rev Sharptons 100 volunteers that were going to keep the peace?

Anonymous said...

Sharpscoon is there to incite, not to make peace. Just another nigger like the rioters.

Polar Bear said...

@ 7:25 dead on point ! Holder and the race baiters don't like the outcome of TWO autopsies.

No evidence of Big Mike being "shot in the back".

If you get shot in the "top of the head", that would be akin to "bull rushing" someone with your big ass head down.

Mr. 40 caliber semi-automatic Glock will "dehorn" a raging, strong arm robbing, Swisher Sweet smoking, hoodisrattis urbanis rather quickly.

Abcnkc said...

In the late 60's I was in the KC streets running from the tear gas and batons of the "pigs". I thought it was beyond deplorable and racist when my neighbors (the white protestors) stood armed guard at the north side of the river bridges.

But now I've mostly matured. It's just US history all over again, expecting the same results from things that could have never worked in the first place.

Read Tom Wolfe's "Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers" from 1970 to see what still works.

Anonymous said...

Maurice You did real good.
Always advocate for non violence.
Always suggest the use of intellect.
You did real good.

chuck said...

8:37 is my biggest fan. Jesus, that chick can't stop thinking about me.

You can steal the name, but you are bereft of originality and any semblance of logic.

Bear, you are right, Holder is shitting his pants over that autopsy.

8:37--go hang off of Holder's balls for a couple hours, it's what you do best and he is depressed. Throw him a Tony Bone.

Harry Stone said...

The autopsy conducted by Baden, who worked for Brown's family and Brown's attorney has delivered results that Eric Holder doesn't like, so he will bring in his own guys from the Fed and lie his fucking ass off about the results.

The results are, Brown was high on dope and was shot in his front, NOT in the back.

My money says another Zimmerman show trial is in the offing and the cop goes to jail to please the filthy scum burning and looting in the street.

Sick, just sick.

Anonymous said...

Here’s how I think it went down, part of this consists of document facts and part is what I tend to believe more than disbelieve.

11:41 am: Brown and Dorian Johnson enter the Ferguson Market

Some time between 11:41 am and 11:51 am: Someone inside the Ferguson Market, not the store owner or clerk, notices that Brown and Johnson are committing a robbery

11:51 am: Someone inside the Ferguson Market, again not the store owner or clerk, calls the Ferguson P.D. to report a robbery and gives the dispatcher suspect descriptions

11:53 am: Brown shoves the store owner or clerk on his way out the door

Some time between 11:51 am and 12:01 pm: The dispatcher puts out a call for an officer to respond to the Ferguson Market for a robbery, Officer Wilson, having just gotten done responding to a call for a sick infant, replies that he’ll handle it.

The time period between 11:53 am and 12:01 pm: Brown and Johnson, just having robbed the Ferguson Market, travel on foot at some rate of speed, given the distance, probably at least at the pace of a very fast walk if not a slow run, north on West Florissant then east on Canfield

12:01 pm: Officer Wilson, on his way between the sick infant and the Ferguson Market, traveling west on Canfield driving a Ferguson P.D. SUV, a Chevy Tahoe or the GMC equivalent, encounters two men walking or running in the middle of Canfield walking east, in the opposite direction. That pisses him off, so Wilson accosts them, a short argument with Brown ensues in which Brown sticks his head into the SUV, then backs off. Johnson was already running away from that scene, then Brown follows him after Wilson gets Brown to back off.

12:02 and 12:03 pm: Wilson gets a suspect description over the radio, and realizes that the two jaywalkers are also the two suspects at the robbery scene he hasn’t gotten to yet. Wilson gets out of the SUV to pursue them on foot, as they had not gotten that far away yet. Johnson keeps on going, but Brown turns around and runs directly toward and at Wilson. Having no other recourse with a 6’4″ 290 pound man coming at you like a speeding freight train, Wilson fires seven shots, hitting Brown in his front with six of them, killing him.

12:04 pm: Another Ferguson P.D. vehicle arrives on the scene, with Brown already dead and laying on the Canfield Avenue pavement.

Anonymous said...

This thing is going to fester for awhile, especially since for about the next two weeks, we’re going to get the summer heat we’ve largely avoided so far. Except there’s one way to make this stop when nobody has the guts to let the people with badges do what it takes. The first of next month is two weeks from today, and maybe Nixon could put a hold on the welfare benefits for everyone in those apartment farms until this shit quiets down. That would definitely work, because then all the EBT black queens who can’t control their sons will suddenly find a way to control their sons.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Sharpton just arrived. Tried to shake officer's hand. Officer declined, told Rev. to keep moving.

Anonymous said...

i remember the 1968 KC riots too, Maurice. I remember when blocks along Prospect burned. That area never recovered. Business all left, it was too much trouble and risk to be there.

Anonymous said...

Last bullet strikes victim in top of skull, exits out of neck. Victim shot while laying prone. On the ground. On. The. Ground.

Anonymous said...

He was stoned on weed.

Wow what a surprise

Anonymous said...

Why is occupy KC tweeting tony bohz email for bitcoin and paypal?

My job is dealing with stupid people. How may I help you today? said...

So she'll have enough money to stay away from her kids for another couple days.

Anonymous said...

This kid was no MLK... take your behinds in the house and stop acting like idiots.

Anonymous said...

Who is this old fart and what is he talking about?

Anonymous said...

I just jizzed in my pants.

Anonymous said...

"You've got to love the Negro man!"

Anonymous said...


Or, you dumb fuck, in the last stages of his BULL RUSH after he robbed a store and tried to shoot a cop in the cop's car.

You fucking cunts want that white cop in prison and you are probably going to get your way. But even though we are white cowards who pay through the nose to keep you stinking fucks from burning down everrything in sight, we are in no way stupid.

Get cancer in you're fucking eyes while we pray for courge in the face of Facist cocksuckers like Eric Holder, and, you, you fucking cunt.

Anonymous said...

Occupy Kansas City.... is like having a tick imbeded between you nut sack and your asshole......

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of idiots. Every piece of evidence has now disproven the Mikey Brown story. The fat nigger was shot in the FRONT, not the back. He was charging the cop when he got killed.

Niggers are great. Everyone ought to own a couple.

Anonymous said...

What 2:43 said!

Anonymous said...

Is this that same Occupy group that is so dirty and was causing such nonsense last year? If so, activate a large bug bomb, pass out job applications and watch them saccter. Gross.

Anonymous said...

It's not Occupy it's just another of Brianna Burton's fail projects where she gets in the way of and trivializes the earnest efforts of sincere activists.

My job is dealing with stupid people. How may I help you today? said...

"I dunno, I'm like completely baffled"

Latest video from Stoner Bones in Ferguson

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember Dr. Baden's HBO shows from the I think late 80's/early 90's? That guy know his stuff and the fact that Holder is going to get another autopsy till he finds one that fits his narrative is a joke.

Missouri Highway Patrol.....Idiots in Action said...

What a total cluster fuck. The Cops have done every stupid thing possible to fuck this up.

It is not a big surprise to anyone that the Ferguson PD could not handle the situation but when the Missouri Highway Patrol comes in it get's even more fucked up. They are a TOTAL COMEDY SHOW. The entire world is looking at Missouri now and we are on a level lower than Arkansas.

Fuck, How stupid are these Missouri Highway Patrol idiots ? Now you get the National Guard tonight and in a S'lie James move, Nixon lifts the curfew. +

A few trouble making moon crickets are taking advantage of the situation to loot and shoot. Most of the people being arrested now are white people.

The fucking Highway Patrol are a bunch of fucking morons. Avoid those dumb ass idiots at all cost. No wonder we have so many accidents and crimes unsolved. Wit clowns like that acting as the main law enforcement in the state, we are about as safe as Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

What's the toxicology report?. That aggressive behavior doesn't make sense. Street-wise you'd split up and run. You'd be crazy to run up on the police head on unless you're hopped up high on wit, the little cigars to dip wet and sell. Wet will make you do crazy stuff.


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