Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mary Sanchez Pens Disgraced Kansas City Rev. Stan Archie Retrospective

I'm not sure what Mary Sanchez is trying to accomplish here . . . But I'm not sure I like it or want to hear the up-side of a guy charged with some very nasty stuff: Trial of the Rev. Stan Archie reveals an enigma


Dr.Fleet said...

Ms. Sanchez is an enema!!!

The ONLY reason to write this article is to elicit support for a man who while married, and using the title "Reverend" used his position and influence in the church to sexually prey upon women and girls.

Ms. Sanchez also incorrectly uses the word "enigma" in describing this man. See definition:

noun: enigma; plural noun: enigmas

a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.
synonyms: mystery, puzzle, riddle, conundrum, paradox, problem, quandary

Folks, there is NO mystery or puzzle here, a man chose to prey upon women and girls for his own satisfaction.

Mary Sanchez needs to quit with the enemas, because no one appreciates her spouting crap all over the paper.

The Reverend Doctor Bishop Kingfish Jackson, Jr. III said...

I do not believe a man of the cloth would do the things he is accused of. This is a debilitating undercarriage of justice and another victim of the jewdissual system. Brother, we at the Missionary Style Baptist Church believe in your innocence and are praying for you because no one with reverend in front of their name would do anything bad. You are the victim here, victim of 400 years of racism and oppression. Do I hear an Amen!?!

Anonymous said...

Hard to say. I think la Sanchez is a worshipper of the false messiah, Jesubastardocristo, son of slutty baby mama Mary and a bunch of Roman soldiers. No wonder she is conflicted about pedophiles. Such as the Pope.

Anonymous said...

12:25 comment
AMEN !!!!! ......pass the biscuits and pour the honey! Fill the plate and collect me my money.

Anonymous said...

I also thot that he was innocent and a Pastor would not do this. Unfortunately it is true I know it! No man is above the law, Gods law or mans law. That includes Pastors. Just because he is a Pastor does not mean he is innocent. There were more than the 2 women mentioned involved. Too many women told the same story. Some of them did not know each other they came out after hearing the assistants story. This is why women are afraid to tell when someone in this position abuses their authority and this is also why Pastors will continue to do this. Not all Pastors are guilty of this most are not. This pastor is guilty!