Monday, August 25, 2014

Local Artists Attempt To Help Broke-Ass Old And Busted Kansas City Fountains

Kansas City tradition and one of our signature amenities is out of cash and hoping raise funds by way of local artists . . . Which means we're really in trouble . . . Local artists lend paintbrushes to save KC fountains - Kansas City Business Journal
More: Painting Kansas City fountains in effort to save them


DennisM said...

Isn't the CITY supposed to maintain it's fountains?

Oh yeah, that's right, they say they don't have the funds, and want to turn it over to private citizens to raise the money.

But gee whiz, Mr. Wilson!! The CITY sure spends a lot of money on legal settlements, the Mayor's Night for Urban Youth, and a streetcar system that was overwhelmingly defeated at the polls.

Anonymous said...

Artist requirements. No big lice beard; no meaningless sleeve or neck tattoos; no exaggerated dorky glasses; no Bill the Butcher hat or zany moustache; no package of roll-your-own tobacco in sight; no ironic t-shirt; no fusion tacos; no “craft” ale; no teenage girl’s jeans; no indoor ski hat or scarf. No pretention. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Must be wearing Chiefs/Royals/local college gear to avoid being labelled a hipster in this Hee Haw Cornpatch Town.

Talk loudly of how "we're" doing this season to gain instant credibility and avoid suspicion.

Women MUST wear this season's "it" multicolored jogging shorts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's beyond the current city gov. to appreciate the aesthetic and monetary value of our fountains. Hopefully, someone with foresight will wash ashore with the next tide.

In the meantime, why hasn't any richy-rich person swooped in to save the day?