Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Kelly Brook And The Kansas City Link Pool

Kelly Brook inspires this wave of Kansas City mainstream media links that aren't all election related . . . And as the rain comes down . . . 

- Putting Kansas City Pandemic Panic In Its Proper Place: Local pathologist calms fears about Ebola virus

- Kansas City Capture: Person of interest in shooting arrested after standoff

- Another Hit To The Brownback campaign: Standard & Poor's becomes second credit rating agency since May to drop state's credit

- In The Aftermath Of Obamacare: Poll: Kansas Uninsured Rate Goes Up By 40 Percent

- Hateration From Overland Park OR Tragic Quote From Amateur Politico: Local Kansas GOP official: Do your duty and offend Muslims — with a .45

- Conspiracy Across The State Line: Five people indicted in KCK drug trafficking case; accused of using slot machines to launder profits

- Help Find This Suspicious Ride: Kansas City police released photographs of a Ford Explorer linked to a May 4 killing.

- Golden Ghetto Snuff Clip: Overland Park releases red light camera crash video for National Stop on Red Week

- Show-Me Quasi-Death Threat: Missouri highway officials fear rise in fatalities

- Road To Nowhere: Missouri transportation funding future: the road less traveled

- Jackson County Rearrange: Critical of Arrowhead Stadium parking? Chiefs make changes for Thursday’s game

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

These males showing emotion about their religion shows a lack of balls.

Anonymous said...

Arrowhead Parking changes:

1. You cannot punch a guy in the head 10 times unless he is totally drunk

2. Before you punch the drunk guy, your are required to take off your Jamal Charles jersey.

3. While not buying tickets to the game and loitering in the parking lot, you must buy 4 beers from a Arrowhead concession stand before beating the drunk guy in the head.

4. On the way back to Independence or the West Side of KC, do not dump your weeks trash in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

" Missouri highway officials fear rise in fatalities"

...even more they fear it will be discovered that they do absolutely nothing most of the time.

Anonymous said...

"Local Kansas GOP official: Do your duty and offend Muslims — with a .45"

Only a .45? That's a sidearm.
For real Muzzie control you need an MA2 on a vehicle mount and a squad with M-16's.