Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kansas City Sunday Night Link Inspiration

Lingerie models and hotties of all sorts inspire us to watch over these Kansas City mainstream media links and offer some perspective on the continual fight betwixt right and wrong that rages in this town by the river.

- Kansas City Weather Newsie Is Today's News Leader: KMBC meteorologist Neville Miller takes 1st place at Race for the Cure

- There's No Stopping The Border War Economic Battle: Kansas tax experiment marches on as Missouri watches

- Terrifying South JoCo Crime: Man charged with rape, kidnapping in two Olathe attacks on women

- Global Climate Change Consequences: After several good years, farmers take hit in 2014

- Show-Me Mutually Assured Destruction: : Nuclear weapons still targeted on mid-Missouri

- Show-Me The Tough Row To Hoe: Farming rights vote reveals changes in Missouri

- The Sunflower State Is Kinda Low Class: A lack of wineries in Kansas, compared to region

- Kansas City Closer To 1st: Gordon, Perez homer, Royals beat Giants 7-4

- Court Sets Clingy Digital Precedent: A Kansas man’s angry texts to his ex-girlfriend were enough to convict him of disturbing the peace.

- Rock Chalk Free Falling: Man dies in Kansas skydiving accident

- Kansas City Faith Community Healing: Service resumes for church that collapsed

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Why can't Glazer go skydiving without a chute?

Anonymous said...

That's a pleasant thought.

Anonymous said...

Too full of hot air!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we are on our way to the great garbage avalanche of 2505 that caused Not Sure to meet Frito Bendejo.

Anonymous said...

" A Kansas man’s angry texts to his ex-girlfriend were enough to convict him of disturbing the peace."

Ain't this the shits. Call out your whoring girlfriend and you wind up in jail? Fuck Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

We got Nukes aimed at us here in Missouri. Better go buy another 30 round banana clip!

Anonymous said...

A black male picked up on rape charges? Shocking!