Tuesday, August 05, 2014


More than anything else, today's Kansas City Primary Election is about politicos and the local elite asking for QUITE A BIT OF TAXPAYER CASH.

Next to outright robbery, it has been quite awhile since this town has been hit up for so much cash . . .

To wit . . .


Now, instead of boring everybody with our election opinion, there's a round-up of newsie sources that might better inform voters.

Check it:

- Toy Train Consideration: Voter Guide To Kansas City Question A

- The Kansas City Streetcar Expansion: Policy Breakdown

- Show-Me Money Talk: Examining Tax Proposals In Missouri

- Five amendments await Missouri voters' decisions

- Low Voter Turnout Excuse: Rain, thunderstorms in forecast for Election Day

- A look at Missouri's primary election ballot

- The Kansas Contest: Tea Party Milton Wolf Edges Closer to Establishment Pat Roberts in Kansas Primary

- Kansas GOP primaries test who's most conservative

- Jackson County Competition And Review: Candidates share goals at forum

- Cash Contest: Heavies give to the streetcar campaign — then give to streetcar opponents

- TV News Will Be Keeping Track: Results here: August 5 Midterm Election

- Dead Tree Media Dictates: The Star’s top choices for Missouri, Kansas primaries

- Forbes Magazine Published The Definitive Toy Train Perspective According To Our Blog Community: Kansas City Streetcar Proposal Underwrites the Rich At the Expense of the Poor

And while we often lament low voter turnout . . . Today we hope Kansas City breaks that trend in this important primary election.

Polls open at 6 a.m. today and close at 7 p.m.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Better title. Tuesday poll tax decision day.

Anonymous said...

Vote or shut the fuck up is right. Instead of posting on TKC, get your asses to the polls today and vote, and hopefully vote not to bring back the 1950s in order to provide a certain lame duck council member a job with a potential city contractor.

(Contrary to Mensa boy's many assertions otherwise, many first-class cities manage quite well without fixed rail transit.)

Anonymous said...

Name one.

Anonymous said...

Tulsa. Omaha. Joplin. Fresno. Nashville. Indianapolis. Topeka.

Vote NO. Tell Denver and Minneapolis we made new cooler friends to be like! Tell St. Louis, here take our money!

Anonymous said...

Send a message to city hall today:

NO more investment in our urban core

NO real transit options

NO to jobs and growth

NO to stoping population loss

NO to federal and state matching money

Vote NO on improving transit to the level most cities that have outgrown us built 25 yeas ago!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets defer to the democratic process and move on EITHER way that prevails today.

Anonymous said...

To all the blacks: vote NO on question A to end slavery! If you do, a white guy who draws cartoons and a failed lawyer from Brookside have promised to buy you magic buses...

(Dear white sits and madams: please be so bold as to vote NO on question A to ensure that the welfare queens and other undesirables stay in their own neighborhoods and to stop pouring OUR good money into their shitholes)


2 white guys from out of state who have never ridden a bus.

Paid for by Citizens for Reprehensible Graft

Orphan of the Road said...

A city without a trolley is like a fish without a bicycle.

How much did Kiki Curls receive for changing her vote to support the Right to Puppy Mills amendment?

Anonymous said...

Vote NO to a billion dollar investment that no one has any clue is going to help KC.

Vote NO while remembering their track record of giving away your money to failed glory projects like the P&L and 18th and Vine.

Anonymous said...

7:01: Columbus, Ohio. Where you'll find buses running on clean natural gas AND a FREE circular route to stops and neighborhoods in the central core.

You really need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

I you think Columbus is fury class you need to get out more.

PS - we all know how you guys hate facts but here's a few:

1. Columbus is a smaller metro than KC

2. Columbus' inner core is less densely populated

3. Columbus is trying to build...wait for it...streetcars! As we speak!

Anonymous said...

7:01-7:52: Mensa boy can't vote on the TDD, so he's going to annoy us all day.

BTW, Indianapolis is a pretty good size town with a population of 835,000 as opposed to KCMO's 467,000. You might want to do a fact check before you post, but I suppose that would be too much work.

Anonymous said...

Less than she got for claiming transit investments in east KC was a kind of Jim Crow

Anonymous said...

Vote NO if data and facts bother you!

Anonymous said...

1. Columbus is a smaller metro than KC. Nope. It's about twice as big.

2. Columbus' inner core is less densely populated. Sorry, Mensa boy. It isn't.

3. Columbus is trying to build...wait for it...streetcars! As we speak! Nope. The effort there stopped in 2006.

Again, you might want to check your facts before posting.

But why let facts stand in the way of a good soundbite?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how the vote is going to turn out, but it sure seems Mensa boy is showing signs of meltdown this morning.

Anonymous said...

My voting place was RATCHET!!! Colt 45 cans, fireworks debris in the yard and very aggressive people out front shoving fliers at me. Can I complain to the election board or do they even care?

Anonymous said...

You can tell that conservative Republicans are running the show in Jeff. City with all of the ridiculous constitutional amendments.

Didn't know we needed to amend the state constitution to allow businesses to compete (yeah, that's you farmers), the right to bear arms (which is already in the US Constitution), a veteran's lottery ticket and protection from unreasonable search and seizures (again, in the US Constitution). Even as a Republican, I think those are pretty damn stupid and a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Yes every major US city is trying to get light rail or street cars passed because its profitable for certain industries, not because it benefits the cities.

The problem is most large US cities have been wasting tax dollars for so long that many are just a few years behind Detroit. So I suppose if KC does not want to be left out in the bankruptcy courts they should by all means join the parade.

Anonymous said...

"To all the blacks: vote NO on question A to end slavery! If you do, a white guy who draws cartoons and a failed lawyer from Brookside have promised to buy you magic buses..."

Isn't is the city council's job to improve bus service? Uh, Mensa boy? Mensa boy? Mensa boy, wherefore art thou, Mensa boy????

Abcnkc said...

No matter the street car vote today. I predict that within a year the kcmo convention and visitors bureau will co opt this tourist train.

I see photo ops showing fake happy families in tourist costumes stepping out of the trolley like they are entering Disney Land. Thisstarts in the old part of town, so the street cars should be replicas of the historic past when no one knew any better. A futuristic train would just confuse them.

Please vote no today against technology that failed in the first half of last century. We can't do anything about the starter line, we let our town get away from us on that one.

Vote no to stop laying the silly track at Union Station and help us find a way to vote again to use any money for a light rail hub that I for one want there.

Anonymous said...

going to vote yes because progress would just confuse you

which is fun to see

Abcnkc said...

Everyone should know by now that a yes vote is so written on the ballot to keep the streetcar expansion out of selected kcmo neighborhoods.,

Vote no for fun.

Anonymous said...

Vote NO on all city issues.

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony...
Son of a gun! Here it is noon and only 27 people voted so far. One polling place, hope the rest of the city is doing better!!!

Anonymous said...

140258 Introduction Date: 3/27/2014
Type: Ordinance
Title: Authorizing the expenditure of approximately $23,700,000.00 from the 2013A Water Revenue Bond Fund and the 2012A Sanitary Sewer Revenue Bond Fund; and recognizing an emergency.

Ayes: 13 - Wagner, Davis, Ford, Johnson, Curls, Reed, Glover, Marcason, Circo, Brooks, Taylor, Sharp, James, Jr.
Nays: 0


Anonymous said...

This strretcar debt will just send more people to Johnson County, devalue our property and bankrupt the City!!

Thanks Russ!!!

Thanks Sly!!!

Vote NO!!!

Anonymous said...

$23,700,000.00 funneled-laundered to the toy train!!

Anonymous said...

Some Kansas City voters running into problems at polling place

The polls have only been open for a few hours but already people are running into some problems.

The problems happened at Gregg Tabernacle AME Church at 1812 E. 37th St. It caused some people to walk away without voting early Tuesday morning.

Shawn Kieffer, director for the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners, said the problem was that the polling station opened at least half an hour late.

This frustrated some voters so much they took off without casting a ballot.


Anonymous said...

OMG, we demand cheese with our whining.

Anonymous said...

Problems in S'lies Clusterfuck Kansascity?

Who'd a thunk it!

Anonymous said...


Let the 555 people downtown who voted for their own personal downtown TDD and Trolley continue to furiously shovel away in a hole six feet deep believing they are at a groundbreaking ceremony.

Orphan of the Road said...

So where is Shelly Thomas of the KC Election Board? On vacation as she has been every other election she has been in office?

Understand they have six vacancies on the board and are not filling them.

Anonymous said...

Only fucking thing cool about Kansas City is the fucking Polar Bear and word has it he moved to the lake.

Anonymous said...

Nothing cool about hate.

If it was, the Troll would be spewing their anger publicly rather than under the cloak of anonymous posts in TKC

Anonymous said...

as 1:34 posts anonymously

Anonymous said...

Weak, but it's election day.

Anonymous said...

1:34 you make no sense. You sound like a stupid nigger.

Anonymous said...

1:34 is probably a Hoodisrattis Urbanis Feralis