Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kansas City Royals: Sayonara Bruce Chen

A significant Kansas City Royals lineup change amid crunch time and far too much celebratory coverage. Check it: Royals designate Bruce Chen for assignment

Playoff Caliber Questions: Royals' offense falters in 6-1 loss to Indians

Constant Refrain: Santana, who homered five times at Kauffman Stadium in a series last month, hit a two-run homer as the Cleveland Indians topped the Royals 6-1 Friday night.

Foreshadowing: The loss cut the Royals' lead to a half-game over Detroit in the AL Central.


Anonymous said...

that's yosty our "players coach" throwing a veteran under the bus because he can't manage a lineup.

Countdown to Cofran said...

Fuck the little yellow man. We do not need that type on the team.

Anonymous said...

This could be the beginning of the end for the
"R-O-Y-A-L-S .........

Missed playoffs and the parking lots between the money pits will be empty except for drunks looking to beat someones head.

Lana Del Rey's Puffy Pouty Pussy said...

They've lost two in a row and still are in first place.

Everybody panic!!