Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Kansas City Link Pool And Flooding Tonight

Maybe the flooding on local streets tonight should remind us that Kansas City infrastructure is more important than toy trains . . .

Accordingly, here's just a moderate downpour of links that are appropriate for the overnight . . .

- Finding Meaning And Spinning: Political Pundits: What Election Results Mean For Area Residents And Politicians

- Kansas City Area: Investigation: Body discovered in Riverside apartment building

- Another Kansas City Teaching Moment: Adrenaline-inducing scenarios drive safety lessons home for teachers

- Lesson In Diversity: KCK police & fire working toward more diversity

- Local Rodents: Pesky armadillos popping up in Missouri and ambling towards KC

- KCPD Recreation: Come see the Police Athletic League under the lights of Arrowhead Stadium

- Public Radio Programming Note: KCUR To Add New Programs, Local News To Weekend Schedule

We'll have more GOOD STUFF for the morning update but these newsie links should provide more than enough to think about for the overnight . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Regarding KCUR, its great the station came to its senses and stopped the indulgent 2nd airing of cypress ave at 7 on Sat.
But cutting heart of space? Say goodbye to stoner pledge drive donors.

Great reporting from KMBC said...

re:- Kansas City Area: Investigation: Body discovered in Riverside apartment building

"Police said they were initially discovering the discovery, but later determined no foul play was involved.

initially discovering the discovery


At Your Service said...

"Pesky armadildos popping up in Missouri and ambling towards KC"

Exactly where, could a lonely lady locate one of these armadildos popping up?

Anonymous said...

Armadillo tacos! Mmmmmm. Si.
Armadillo sashimi ...... not so much.

Do people really do the wild thing with armadillos??

Anonymous said...

Man, that's really sad about KCUR. No more Irish music to get drunk by. No more trippy space music to smoke a doob by.

This is nothing but a slap in the face to the Killa City substance abuse community. Whatever happened to the station's committment to diversity?