Thursday, August 28, 2014


Good news gleaned from yet another survey article for the local 1% and all the people whose income depends upon whatever droplets trickle down . . . Ewww . . . Somewhere in Briarcliff we heard the sound of congratulations. Read More: KC metro area ranks among America's most affluent - Kansas City Business Journal


Anonymous said...

The formula is called Pretzel Logic

Anonymous said...

Wow! First we find a "study" that shows that the business school at UMKC tops those at either Harvard or Stanford, and now this!
It's amazingly simple that one day we're living in the good 'ol KC metro, and the next day, with just a few breathless announcements, some articles in obscure newspapers, and a fake study or two, we find ourselves in the most attractive, creative, dynamic, innovative, and successful place on earth.
Thanks, Sly!

Anonymous said...

....overheard by waitstaff at the Mission Hills Country Club.

"Donald, Henry, Richard, Neal, Jerry...nice to see you chaps again! Having a splendid year in the markets aren't we, I mean it's simply fabulous!"