Friday, August 29, 2014


In a welcomed bit of local diversity, white people motorcycle gang coverage has dominated the news cycle this week . . . Strange that in a lot of these reports the merchants in Grain Valley don't seem so scared and kind look forward to the biz. Bandidos roll into Grain Valley; Tensions High

KMBZ: Mayor says he's not expecting any problems with the Bandidos

Pitch: Big, scary biker gang riding into town this weekend

Fox4: Grain Valley prepares for weekend rally held by notorious motorcycle gang


Anonymous said...

They bring their own skanks with them. But if they need a fresh supply, Santa Cali Gon will be the place to be.
Good God, have you seen that crowd?

Anonymous said...

Whats to fear? We already have KCPD on the streets.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see them all congregate in the Plaza

Anonymous said...

FOX4 Morning's Mark Alford goes from motorcycles (good) to food police (bad) in the blink of an eye!!!

Has Alford joined the ranks of Michelle Obama's FOOD NAZIS? Say it aint' so!!!!

Alford advises that on your Labor Day road trip, carrots, peppers and cauliflower make a great snack in place of your usual indulgences.

Attention: If you see this "news" man, do not try to confront him, instead, please stick a funnelcake in his hand and slowly back away!

Anonymous said...

Relax. They just want to come downtown to try out some kale infused bacon and a toy train walking tour.

Anonymous said...

Bandidos Motorcycle Club should enjoy the sights and food during their Kansas City visit

Lewis Diuguid

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club won’t likely get a chamber of commerce welcome from folks in the Kansas City area as all 2,000 of them vroom, vroom into town this weekend on their bikes. But they should be treated like any other tourists.

The bikers are gathering for a rally in Grain Valley for the long holiday weekend. Jeremiah Britt, president of the local chapter of the Bandidos, told The Kansas City Star, “It’s like a family reunion.” The OMG, or outlaw motorcycle gang, label is overstated, he said.

Let’s hope the Bandidos roll into town and enjoy the Kansas City Irish Fest at Crown Center. While there, they can visit the aquarium and swing by the Liberty Memorial and World War I Museum. That would be educational.

They can go into Union Station and see the King Tut exhibit. More knowledge for their helmeted noggins. From there they can bike to 18th and Vine streets and stop at the Negro Leagues Baseball and American Jazz museums.

Surely they will work up an appetite so they can crowd any of the many Kansas City barbecue restaurants. They can go a stretch farther down Interstate 70 to hit the Renaissance Festival and maybe even Schlitterbahm and Verr├╝ckt the world’s tallest water slide. That will give them stories to tell.

Heading back to Grain Valley, they can stop in Independence and enjoy the Santa-Cali-Gon Days Festival. What biker would want to get into trouble when there is so much fun they can have vroom, vrooming around town, enjoying their time in the Kansas City area?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the rain Bandido's!

Anonymous said...

hurf derf is cuz of streetcars/kale.

Thanks a lot sliebama!

Bow ties = Jim Crow-ties.

KC = Detroit, but we could be like Flint instead if we just kill all toy terns boondoogies.


WAKE UP PPL! ALL ABOARDS hurferdoderfer

We're for smart.

Trust us abt the imagernary buses.

Anonymous said...

Kindly take yer meds. And wipe that foam off yer mouth.

Polar Bear said...

The Bear has warned you.....don't mess with the Bandito's.

Those are some cool but very dangerous dudes.

Bear out.....

Anonymous said...

Give respect, get respect. Bandido's are just like everyone else with jobs, families, kids etc.

Anonymous said...

No they are not just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

As long as the Hells Angels don't show up it will be just like a typical family picnic. Nothing to be concerned about.

Anonymous said...

As long as the prospects behave shouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

What kind of family did you grow up with?

Anonymous said...

I would like to say something to the people who are so uninformed and are stereotypicalregarding this matter. First I would like to address the person who made the comment that they bring their own "skanks" with them. these women who are wives, girlfriends and significant others are by far skanks. Th eyes are wives, mothers, sisters, and great friends. They are loyal and supportive unconditionally. As far as the men, they have something that most people will never know. Loyalty, brotherhood and respect for each other. I normally wouldn't post or say anything, but the fact that people profile others so badly, and stereotype, when they have done nothing but come to your town bringing great revenue! They have supported your local establishments, motels, restaurants and other facilities and done so with great respect to you. They expect the same. Some of you have watched enough of the motorcycle soap opera on TV that you don't realize that just because you see it on tv, doesn't mean it's all real in reality. now, to the ones who have stood up and defended these men and women, thank you from the bottom of my heart. These wonderful people may never get to know you on a personal level, but know this, they have wives or ole ladies waiting impatiently by the phone, wait in for the minute they hear the roar of the bike pulling up at home, just to see their face again, their children waiting to hug them one more time, because we have all buried our loved ones way too many times to count. Thank you to the ones who smiled at this extended family, shook their hands or waved and for accepting them with open arms. Thank you to the people who look beyond the things they've been told and see for themselves that this "family" built on so much more than most people can ever give.

Anonymous said...

Most of you can only wish you had the type of family relationship bikers have. Some of these guys are Vets, are Managers/bosses in their jobs, are husbands, fathers and sons. They will go out of there way and travel many many miles to help out another brother or his family. The love and loyalty they show one another some of you will never experience. You want to stereotype these guys for something a few have done or because of what you see on TV. You say because they are "bikers" they are horrible people and shouldn't be allowed in your town...hmmm how many crimes are committed in cars but you don't have a problem allowing cars to drive through your town. How many people coming to watch the Kansas City Chiefs (or hell the NFL players themselves) have committed horrible crimes but you allow those people to come into your town. I would be willing to bet there isn't a hotel owner or restaurant owner in "your town" complaining about the Bandido's being in town. Instead of profiling these guys as horrible people pull up a lawn chair and enjoy the parade of beautiful motorcycles, then count the revenue they brought to your town when they are gone tomorrow.

Redwolf Conchoman said...

All the NAY-SAYERS are just as clue-
less as they come. The BANDIDOS MC
have more class than most of you
people deserve to see. I, AND my wife, have never felt safer anywhere
than when we've been surrounded by 1000 1%er's!