Monday, August 11, 2014

Kansas City Councilman Jermaine Reed Says Violence Isn't The Best Way To Get Justice

We usually give this Council dude a hard time but tonight his words carry a lot of weight and wisdom . . . KMBC: In the wake of violent protests and looting in Ferguson, Missouri, late Sunday, Kansas City Councilman Jermaine Reed said there are better ways for people who want justice in cases like the police shooting to get it.


Anonymous said...

And that way is what hanging dong?

We have the same issues here in KC with violence not seen Mr Reed out on the street addressing any of it at all. But as Sly and all the other black lazy screw ball politicians will jump on the media wagon for their 3 minutes of coverage.

The TKC Fact Checka! said...

In Mr. Reed's defense, he has not been caught hanging dong. He's much more discreet.

Anonymous said...

It all begins with the self.

Love yourself and respect yourself and you will love and respect others.

Turn away from fear and hate and enjoy LOVE and true freedom.

Anonymous said...

We all know Reed loves violent black cock

BlightMeKC said...

But absolutely no mention about the illegalities he's undertaken against other Black people. Reed loves publicity and ignorance. Its best to remain silent and be thought dumb, than speak and remove all doubt.

Let's totally ignore the white collar crime Reed is involved in. Yes, let's be 100% distracted by the deeds of others. This is just another reason he should not be in public office.