Friday, August 22, 2014

Kansas City Columnist Mary Sanchez Shares Her Vast Knowledge Of Police Work!!!

Our least favorite token Latina writer offers her perspective on Missouri conflict after the dust has already settled but while there are still political points to score . . . Savor this perspective of this suburbanite who takes on the brutal realities of the street in a smart pantsuit with stunning hair and a new manicure for the weekend . . . Police forces need a reality check


Anonymous said...

Don't you think she knows at least as much as YOU about police work?

Tony, she got the job you wanted a long time ago. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Support Darren Wilson on a little over $100, 000 raised so far. Legal expenses are huge.

Anonymous said...

6:21 AM If Tony had got that job at The Star he would be spending his settlement by now. See Tony cannot take notes, check sources, call for information or other activities carried out by real journalists. Tony cuts and pastes from emails, web sites etc. When The Star fired him, Tony would have found an attorney and filed a discrimination complaint, and The Star's insurance company would have offered a settlement which Tony would have taken on the third offer.

Anonymous said...

It was funny he was grinding the same axe when his momma got squeezed out of the Funkhouser administration. Went into full hissyfit.

The truth is that Mary Sanchez writes boring, safe columns perfect for a midwestern flagship city paper. You write half lies and innuendo coupled with race baiting and boobs.

They both have their place. Only one comes with a generous severance package when the inevitable comes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mary please volunteer and help these families you speak freely about and encourage them to live a honorable life. Pull up your pants, work hard, stay in school and graduate from high school and if you have babies, be responsible and take care of their needs.

Anonymous said...

how is volunteering supposed to help someone graduate from high school? Genuinely curious here.

Harry Stone said...

Letes start off with the fucking picture. The dude is wearing his BLOOD or CRIP de rigueur (I don't remember which is which.). Of course, the bar for expected behaviour from blacks has fallen so low, that emmisaries for "The Narrative" are well respected gang bangers and looters, not the folks who ost business' or even the fuckin mayor whom no one talked to.

Jesus what a load of shit. Read the article--it is a plea for cities to stop "Checking The Box" becasue it excludes the many potentially qualified African Americans who could be "One Adam 12ing" it throughout our soon to be safe streets.

"Hey Trayvon, on your application there, be sure and lie about that pesky rape conviction last year, we are really in need of some bodies here on the force."

What the fuck, lets throw in Dubs on the cruisers and Gold Fronts for every ganbanger who signs up for the Police Department before June Teenth! said...

If Mary wants to pen a public service article, then maybe she should wrn everyone how dangerous it is to go to McDonalds.

Read that Mary and comment.

No journalist in the Main Stream Media will EVER touch this story, but we are going to hear until our ears bleed about no peace and no justice.

Anonymous said...

It does look like we are in some sort of bizarro world where the media thinks they can pull one over on us.

Blood gang member in the trademark red bandana and red hat, standing down a black police officer. And it is the COPS who need to change their ways? ha ha.

We are all laughing while you people tear up your own cities.

Anonymous said...

white people, take inventory of those who are the loudest in their 'rage'.

They are your enemies and will not hesitate to turn on you should you be the one facing the illogical blood lust of a race mob.

Times are tough and cops tend to be stupid but if you can't see that Mike Brown was no angel then you spend too much time in the ghetto expressing 'outrage'.

Act silently. Do not let these people into your businesses or terminate them when you can ASAP. Do not do anything to better their lot in life, and actively work against them. Inform the IRS of any shady money activities using their 800 line. The illegal activities of the pro-Mike Brown people when observed, need to be reported to the police. This includes any outstanding infractions, code violations, warrants or more serious charges.

Anonymous said...

All black police officers should be transferred to central patrol

Anonymous said...


Is right. America hates white people.

Tom Wolfe said...

Democratic Liberal Power continues to reign with the Balkinization of America and the usual "Identity Politics" taking precedence over the rule of law. Multiculturalism and Diversity are the only thing that count.

The lies and bullshit that the media forces down your throats every day will, as usual, turn another city, this time Kansas City into a 3rd worls shithole like Detroit.

It's too late for KC. Go out on 135th St and see Prarie Fire. White People, concerned about safety issues and the rule of law, have fled another crime ridden, black racist stronghold and established civilization far from the black horde.

They, however, are running out of places to hide.

Tom Wolfe is right, it is "Back to Blood" in a nation that has lost it's way and now commits suicide by way of the population shifts which gaurantee that some day we will all live in Detroit.

Open Borders!!


Have some coffee and think about how fucked your grandchildren are because you let this happen.

Anonymous said...

7:27 AM Your words are words of truth but liberal white guilt artists are not listening and don't want to hear the truth.

If all whites understood the truth and saw the real future we could stop this coming catastrophe that will fuck our grand children.

It is really too sad for words. The failure to correct rests on the whites not the blacks.


The fucker with the sniper rifle on top of that truck in Ferguson should have fired, and fired and FIRED!

Anonymous said...

They all went to South Patrol when Roz took over.

Anonymous said...

I think Mary is right. It's time to let the thugs dictate how they are policed. Pull the Ferguson police out of the city and let them pick a police force from their residents and see what happens. I think it would work out great for everyone involved.

Barney Sanchez-Fife said...

In her uniquely brilliant perspective Sanchez says what? A Highway Patrol Captain used a black fraternity sign and many cities have police departments that are disproportionately white. MY God what incredible insight. Of course Sanchez has no solutions so let me offer up a few.

1) Raise minority children responsibly so that they are able to pass a polygraph, drug test and background check when they grow up. Most people who don't qualify for positions involving a high degree of trust and government authority fail fort these exact reasons.

2) Look at the statistics. If you think hiring practices are disproportionate you should look at the numbers of qualified minority applicants. Relatively speaking, near zero qualified minorities are applying for law enforcement jobs and even fewer are enrolling in criminal justice curriculum.

Again we have a libtard member of the press inferring that it is the fault of the powers that be when the problem is based in minority communities all across this country. No one is objecting to the hiring of minorities in law enforcement. Bring in a minority who doesn't qualify as a potential criminal, has the aptitude and no conduct or psychological issues and he/she will be hired, guaranteed. The money is there, the positions are there, the opportunities are there. What is not there are folks wanting to take on the responsibility of wearing the shied and/or folk who qualify

Anonymous said...

7:07 is right! If you suspect someone of being a race traitor, call the IRS and the city so we can get them on code violations. That will show them! They will learn the error of their ways, and will be so busy painting window frames and pulling weeds, they will have no time to throw whitey under the bus. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

7:07 you're so right. I will not ever hire another nigger to work in my place again. The last three have filed EOE complaints while all other races working for us have not. They are late to work app 2 times a week, always needing to leave because auntie or someone had to go to the hospital or a friend died and they need a week or two off to deal with it then you have to put up with the I'm not getting paid enough or the I ain't going to do that and you can't make me shit. Meanwhile all the other workers doing their jobs while the niggers are fucking off till I fire them then have to deal with paying the atty another 5k to deal with EOE again. Nope I am done with them lots of other people wanting those 15 to 18 plus an hour positions we have.

Anonymous said...

Mary needs a reality check she would be better off shrilling her bullshit over at say KCC with Hearnie and Gayzor.

Anonymous said...

'One of the unsung blessings of Twitter is the way it continually reminds us that willful ignorance is alive and thriving in the American body politic'

Gibe her credit at least for getting it correct in the opening sentence.

Anonymous said...

niggers fuck up everything.

Anonymous said...

Tony's mad because she's made something of herself and she does more than run a shitty blog out her mommys basement

You'reNoMuckraker said...

Ay, Caramba!!!

Dear Ms. Sanchez,

I have read your article "Police Forces Need A Reality Check", and found the following deficiencies, errors, and instances of defective reasoning.

Your opening statement, "One of the unsung blessings of Twitter is the way it continually reminds us that willful ignorance is alive and thriving in the American body politic." -----should be replaced with "One of the unsung blessings of The Kansas City Star writing staff is the way it continually reminds us that willful ignorance is alive and thriving in the American body of journalism."

Next, when you write "— actually, it’s THE problem at the heart of the unrest that has gripped Ferguson, Missouri for nearly two weeks."---No, no ,no!!! At the heart of the Ferguson turmoil is the prevalence of ignorant, crude, anti-police dregs of society who are easily riled up by the non-resident organized political/financial provocateurs seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Your next error in reasoning--- "After demonstrations and looting erupted there in response to the shooting death of 18-year-old African-American Michael Brown by a white police officer, the city’s police department made matters considerably worse with its over-the-top militarized response."
Actually, there is no need to include the race of either the robbery/assault suspect or the police officer, as law enforcement responds to criminal violations regardless of a person's race. The Ferguson Police Department did NOT overreact. The weak-kneed cowering political class under-reacted to the violent insurrection and coddled the anarchists who would have burned the city to ashes.

Pushing forward, when you state---"It’s no coincidence a black man was put in command. Johnson’s cadence and tone when speaking, his use of biblical references, convey to the black residents of Ferguson that he is one of them." Ms. Sanchez, if a German-speaking man, wearing a Nazi uniform, set your house on fire and began looting your possessions.....would you shoot him or call for a translator? Extreme circumstances require extreme measures.

Next up, your defective reasoning reaching it's apex---"Three police officers out of Ferguson’s force of 53 are black, in a town where two-thirds of the residents are African-American." Have you bothered to investigate the application/qualifications/hiring history of the Ferguson police Department? No, of course you haven't, that would require actions beyond your ability! There's a glaring defect in applying general population racial percentages to a small subset within the overall population. Let me give you an example, let's say that Latinos now comprise 17 percent of the U.S. population, yet in a state like Montana or Maine, they're no more than 2 percent of the residents. Does this imply/prove that Montana and Maine are racist, Latino-hating discriminators? Should we insist on legal remedies to correct this outrageous imbalance of equality?

That last point reiterates the primary flaw in your writing, namely, that you fail to think before expressing your view!!

You always wait for a consensus to be reached, then repeat the defective group-think with a late entry, pat yourself on the back for not taking a risk, and feel contented that you've once again towed the liberal party line.

Anonymous said...

If you had bothered to research the issue you would find Mary lives in the city, in a house, and not a tree house backed up to a freeway like yours.

But research and facts are for real people not our hero.

Anonymous said...

Well, not one comment on the Star website. On the bright side, at least comments haven't been disabled yet. said...

Please look into Michael's rap lyrics.

What we think about, we bring about.

Anonymous said...

Today's Caleb "Gunna Help Ferguson" Facebook update.

Caleb-Michael Files was watching America's Next Top Model.

Caleb-Michael Files got rich in a bonus game in Hit It Rich! Casino Slots.

Anonymous said...

So Mary wants to know if the police officer knew he was armed. With what Mary? He just got pummeled with an eye socket broken and he is trained to to shoot to kill. Go back to Maryville and rethink your logic--- your thinking is so twisted you would have non problem hiding in the shadow of a corkscrew

Anonymous said...


Chico said...

Ir fucked a Latina one dick still smells like Tacko Bell ! Maybe that's why they chase me all the time.