Monday, August 25, 2014

Kansas City Blogger Remembers

This will undoubtedly be my favorite Kansas City blogger line of the week: "Hitler is probably the reason I am a civil rights lawyer. Next week, I am going to Germany for the first time. There are probably far fewer Nazis in Germany today than there are in the state of Missouri. Yet, I cannot forget what happened to my forebears." Read the post in its entirety: Uncommon Courage


chuck said...

If you want to understand why this country is inordinately possessed with guilt and national self hatred, gird yourself, swallow a bottle of Imodium AD and plow through this tribute to Liberal legerdemain, twisted history and self aggrandizing anecdote.

Starting off with the admonition to forgive with reference to Germans and Hitler's Germany (She later goes on to reveal her birth after the death of Hitler and her good fortune as a "Discrimination Attorney" in America.) she enfers her acceptance of German apology to her for Hitler.

Certainly the sum of less than it's parts, Bratcher's bete noire, WHITE MEN, can't escape her condescension even as her associates in that ever growing and ever more important pursuit of discrimination cash. She feels they lack the empathy required by way of genetic misfortune, white skin and dicks.

John Brown reborn? you read it if you can. We whites are all crypto Nazis and are in need of much correction.


Anonymous said...

Damn Chuck, I finally started googling your french.

Right again Chuck.

Too bad your messages do not reach a critical mass of white people in America and the world for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Is she a jewess? said...


Why did you remain silent at Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyer College (TLC) while Gerry repeatedly demoralized women and people of color?

Yes, the infamous Gerry Spence refers to the women as "c*nts" and blacks as "ni**ers"

Yet, you as a Board member supported Gerry and his fraudulent front (TLC) for years and benefitted by the associates. You didn't voluntarily stand up against it and resign.

You were removed from your position.

Actions speak loader than words.

Please write about the factual prejudice you experienced by Gerry Spence rather than the fabrication at Fergusion, then you will have credibility in your post.

I wish you well.

Lynne Bratcher said...

David: I did write about TLC. Uncommon Courage: Why I Left the Trial Lawyers' College I left TLC voluntarily because of what happened to Fredi.


Anonymous said...

A Jewess? Is that like a Negress?

One of the charming things about Missouri bigots is that many of them still speak in a way that hasn't been heard since the fall of the Third Reich. Old-time dialects tend to stay alive in backward parts of the country. said...


You witnessed first hand Gerry's abuse and remained silent.

Instead you made the conscious decision to worked your way onto the TLC board. Therefore condoning and supporting this destructive behavior of the fraudulent Gerry Spence and Trial Lawyers College agenda.

Please write about the "white man" you know so well; Gerry Spence and his associates.

You witnessed it first hand and it continues to this day because attorneys like you remain silent.

Again, write about the unconscionable actions you witnessed first hand and other attorneys have shared with you privately for fear of retribution from the tyrant Gerry Spence and the tyrannical behavior of those who surround this fraud.

Please do what is right. You have the perfect opportunity to "walk your talk"

Again, I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Lynne = Lawyer= Liar! said...


You don't have to travel to Germany to share with us a lesson learned from history.

Save some money and time and write from your first hand experience and how you preserved your relationship with people in positions of power and those of your friends from your days at TLC in Wyoming by protecting the "King Gerry" and allowing him to destroy attorneys who stood up for principled truth.

This is a teaching moment.

Great opportunity for you to move towards wholeness and wellness too.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

RE: "Yet, I cannot forget what happened to my forebears."

Forebears? WTF? How you live wit fore bears? Bears be dangeris! Why you wanna git eaten by bears?

Dis womens be krazy!!

Anonymous said...

Ok. That's pretty much a bitch slap of a reality check. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable for the lady.

Anonymous said...


It's called "Willful blindness."