Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jessica Hall And The Kansas City Tuesday Night Mainstream Media News Link Serving

Jessica Hall helps us finish off this Tuesday night with her delicious BBQ hottie photo set . . . And here are the Kansas City mainstream media links we're checking:

- Kansas City Free Money: Million dollar grant for low income kids

- Meth Town Justice: Independence man could face 10 years in prison

- Celebrate The New Dead Tree Media Opinion Honcho: The Star names Steve Paul editorial page editor

- Sad Song: Lee's Summit piano shop owner admits to defrauding customers

- Show-Me Dumbing Down: Student tests scores down across Missouri

- Swedish Meatball Car Control: Merriam has plan in place to avoid traffic nightmare at IKEA

- Check The Kansas City Crime Crew: Police release photos in credit card theft case

- Cowtown Eco-Devo Dictates: Terry Dunn on replacing Kemper Arena: A Smart Plan for the West Bottoms

- Rugrat Safety: Blue Springs buses add cameras to sides

- Suburban Hero: 4-year-old taken by woman in front of wheelchair-bound mother, witnesses save the day

- Digtial Media In The Burbs: Shawnee Mission School District goes from heavy text books to hi-tech

- Dead Tree Media Polling After The Fact: Streetcar supporters have a lot of work to do to convince voters of their plans

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Ferguson -- Officers have now former a wall. Behind them are lines of armed police vehicles.

Heavily-armed officers are moving in, replacing the deputies that had batons.

Anonymous said...

There will be no free candy, beef jerky, soda, and air jordans tonight.

Anonymous said...

Toni Bones trying to get a speaking spot for Thursdays Ferguson rally on the Plaza.

Tonee Boner said...

"JC Nichols fountain is a historic place to protest. Also, I have a megaphone"

Anonymous said...

The need for the "Know Your Negro" program to be expanded, is patently clear.

Anonymous said...

Forte said he wasn't worried and as long as it was peaceful he is ok with peaceful protests/vigils.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Madcow is on it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Worthless mother that thinks she is so awesome and well known, Miss Toni Bones Shelton.

Anonymous said...

Gross hood-rat lady on PCP stealing a mudshark kid. At least it looks like a rare sighting of a decent black male that intervened.

Maintain The Booty said...

I think I'm in love!

Anonymous said...

Look at the police photos of the credit card thieves. All niggers and mudsharks. Why is it that this is nearly always the case? Are niggers suddenly above the law and allowed to do whatever they please?? What kind of a fucking place is this?