Friday, August 08, 2014

Jess Kingham & The Kansas City Friday Night

Jess Kingham is one of our favorite newbie hotties and right now she inspires this evening collection of Kansas City links . . .

- The Price Of Cowtown Hubris: KC will count costs of failed streetcar extension proposal

- Urban Core Crime Report: KC man charged in Northeast home invasion

- Local Break-In Terror: Intruder holds liquid-soaked rag over KC woman’s mouth

- TKC's Favorite Hottie Newsie Brunette Says Goodbye: FOX4’s Macradee Aegerter heads to Denver

- Our Greatest Local Writer Stands Up Against Racism: Hampton Stevens: Kansas City Chiefs should lead the way and take a new name

- Classy Cowtown Boogie: Kansas City Native David Parsons Leads New Dance Workshop

- Sleaze Summit Lady Protest: Lee’s Summit woman goes to great lengths to stop construction trucks from damaging road

- Obamacare Hateration Sickness: Study: Rejection Of Medicaid Expansion Costing Kansas, Missouri Hospitals Billions

- Plague In Perfect Village: Prairie Village Will Cut Down One Hundred Trees Due To Infestation

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


The KC Commie Star and Hampton Stevens Can Eat Shit And Die said...

"Hampton Stevens: Kansas City Chiefs should lead the way and take a new name"

Go fuck yourself Hampton Stevens, and suck my ass while you are at it.

The team should change names because it will make the ownership and city look progressive.

Again, GO FUCK YOURSELF and your "progressive" bullshit.

Rope, Tree, Bonfire said...

re: KC will count costs of failed streetcar extension proposal

The city then paid $8.1 million to Kansas City architecture and engineering firm Burns & McDonnell and HNTB for services related to advanced conceptual engineering and environmental analysis studies related to the expansion proposal. The city said those contracts, which were issued in May, were required by the Federal Transit Administration. The FTA said it has not issued any such mandates. (emphasis mine)

The engineering and environmental contract is ongoing. Burns & McDonnell confirmed that it has a contract in place with Kansas City. HNTB declined to comment on its contract status.

Recall, Fire, and/or Prosecute every lying sack of shit at city hall who is connected to this monumental waste of money and criminal diversion of tax dollars to corporate pals.

If not...Rope, Tree, Bonfire

Goddamned Crooks!

Anonymous said...

Make the City look progressive...isn't that what the City said about the 600 million streetcar?

Anonymous said...

KCMO could really look progressive if one day it actually had an elected city governing body instead of a bunch of amateur real estate developers who give away the tax base to every bozo who comes along.
But a quick look at the latest round of council candidates for the next election sure doesn't look like that's about to happen.

fag brains damaged by mouth and face fuking said...

Progressive faggots are stupid. At least as stupid as the niggers they love.

Anonymous said...

Then shut up

mark smith said...

Im looking for the column Hampton penned about the out of control drug and alcohol addiction that is devastating Native Americans, the high death rates of new borns, poverty rates, high suicide rates, and a plethora of other societal ills that are a detriment to Native Americans. Of course those columns don't exist. Given the absence of concern for the real issues regarding Native Americans, it is safe to say Hampton is using typical progressive pandering and poverty pimping for his own gain. He doesn't care about the people, he just wants in on the action. Hampton is Mary Sanchez long lost soul mate...a hack.

Anonymous said...

Cutting down 100 trees.....must want to kill off "flying tree monkey" habitat.