Saturday, August 02, 2014

Jess Davies And The Kansas City Saturday

Jess Davies and her hottie lingerie goodness are just the perfect way to start this Kansas City Saturday morning . . . Also, check the local MSM links worth a click . . .

- Cowtown Production Picking Up: Kansas City Industry Riding High

- Local Real Estate Survival Of A Different Kind: Life expectancy by zip code in KCMO

- Dead Tree Media Self-Righteous Screed: Kansas City murder problem demands sustained leadership

- Clay County Perv Consequences: Northland man given life sentence plus 33 years in child sex case

- Horrific Kansas High Times Accusation: Prosecutors allege Wichita foster dad was smoking pot while baby girl was dying in hot car

- Show-Me Rural Ballot Debate: Is Mo.'s Amendment One a right to farm or harm?

- Another Tea Party Setback: Wolf missed paying Kansas income taxes in 2000

- Kansas City Democracy Youth Movement: Newly registered voters say they are in the minority in their age group

- Cute Rugrat Roundup: Car nearly hits toddler wandering Midtown street

- Sign Stealing Switcheroo Story: 41 Action News was tipped off with a video where people were taking down campaign signs along Highway 71. Turns out, the crime may be the video itself.

- Kansas City Baseball Celebration: Royals blank A's as Ibanez's homer provides offense

- Rage Over Big Baseball Name: Canseco to appear Sunday at T-Bones game

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Anonymous said...

"Wolf missed paying Kansas income taxes in 2000 "

Compared to Claire's tax shenanigans Wolf is an amateur. Let's not even discuss what is going to happen to Cleaver.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

God's own Dr. Wolf skips paying income taxes.

Wichita daddy gets stoned while his baby is being slowly cooked to death.

We are white trash, and we are legion. Praise Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Obesity in the pink zip code areas can be fetal because you are too fat to hit the ground or duck when the gunfire starts.